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August 2018


Writer // Janelle Morrison • Photography // Laura Arick and submitted


Mike Redman is a local contractor who offers more than 20 years of storm damage renovation and home remodeling through his company, Home Value Renovation (HVR). Redman, president and owner of HVR, is a graduate of Purdue University and has been in the construction industry since 1994. He resides in Zionsville with his family and is a trusted business owner not only in the local communities but throughout his industry as well.

HVR is an award-winning general contractor based in Indianapolis that specializes in the installation of roofing as well as a variety of other home remodeling products that include the installation of walk-in baths and other interior updates. HVR performs installations for both residential and commercial customers throughout Indiana and the Columbus, Ohio area.

“We (HVR) started in the insurance restoration business from hail storms and other types of damage,” Redman stated. “We offer a lifetime warranty on labor and 50 years on materials. For us, it’s not about whether or not you have a service call; it’s about how you handle it. Our crews are certified and trained by the corporate headquarters of the manufacturing product that they’re putting on.”

HVR is a GAF Master Elite® Roofing Contractor. Only a select few roofing contractors in Indiana can claim that distinction. HVR offers all GAF products and has experience at installing and repairing roofs of all types, including asphalt shingle roofs, metal roofs and flat roofs. Redman’s company uses the highest-quality products from reputable manufacturers like GAF, Owens Corning, Pella, James Hardie, Mastic Siding and others.

HVR is the only Home Advisor Elite 360 roofing contractor in central Indiana. Redman and his crews have earned high ratings with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and countless word of-mouth referrals from satisfied customers, including the president of the BBB.

“We installed a new roof, gutters and attic insulation in the president of the BBB’s house. He was ecstatic,” Redman said. “Then a major hail storm damaged their house last year, and we came back out and redid it. We have the pleasure of saying that we’re the only roofing contractor in Indiana who has put the roof on the president of the BBB’s house not once but twice.”

Redman explained that HVR offers “no money down” and collects payment for the work when the job is completed.

“We tell people that if companies come out and require a deposit to get the work going, that means that they likely can’t afford to bankroll labor and materials,” he said. “So they have to use another customer’s deposit to buy the materials. With our program, we do not require deposits from anybody. The customer pays us when the job is done and they’re happy.”

Redman’s company offers in-house financing as well and works with any budget and any size home.

“We do offer in-house financing for people who don’t have the immediate funds to fix up their house,” Redman emphasized. “We can se- cure them financing, so they can get the things done that they need to rather than be on a strict budget and have only so much cash to work with. We did over 1,000 roofs last year, and the project sizes varied from $4,000 for a complete roof replacement all the way to the $200,000 mark where we did some larger homes with roofing, siding windows and gutters. For the most part, our average job for roofing, windows, siding and gutters is $20,000. We’re running about seven roofing crews a day. From start to finish, most of our jobs are completed in less than four to six weeks.”

HVR uses modern technology to ensure precise measurements and estimates. “We don’t measure roofs by hand anymore,” Redman said. “We do inspections with a drone, and everything is done digitally now. We pull up all of the measurements and give them a down-to-the-penny exact estimate.”

With precise measurements, HVR can order the correct amount of materials that are needed for each job. HVR’s average roof install is about 40 squares. According to Redman, most companies’ roof installs average 22-24 squares. According to Redman, HVR completes 80 percent of its roof jobs in one day.

Redman added, “With our no money down policy, our two decades-plus of expertise and our list of referrals, it really makes a difference when people are making the decision to work with us. Seventy percent of our business comes from referrals. Our customers feel comfortable working with us because they don’t pay us until we are finished with their job and they are happy, and we make sure that the customer is happy, no matter the cost. We go over, above and beyond, what a company should to make the customer happy. We make sure that the customer is happy at whatever cost.”

Contact Home Value Renovation today at 317-445-4427 or visit www.getHVR.com for a free storm damage assessment or repair cost estimate.