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August 2018


www.greenlawndesign.comFourteen years ago, Catherine and Royce Simpkins launched GreenLawn by Design out of their garage. It’s not surprising that they would end up starting a business together in light of the fact that they have known each other since the third grade. They grew up together in a small rural community in northern Indiana and share similar values. It’s those values that they have incorporated into GreenLawn by Design to make it successful as they work hard to win the loyalty of their clients.

Catherine grew working on the farm that has been in her family for over 100 years. Like a lot of kids in the country, she was involved in 4-H. After graduating from college with a degree in marketing, she went to work for a farm service company that sold fertilizers and chemicals to local farmers in northern Indiana. Catherine was the first woman to become the manager of the company. With that position, she gained an understanding of the importance of great customer service while she was required to be a consultant to area farmers to help them understand successful management strategies, identify weed and insect problems and then develop treatment plans and to provide guidance to framers on state of the art farming methods and products.

Royce spent 20 years in the U.S. Army and while serving received his college degree in Business Management. After his retirement from the military, he went to work in management for a national lawn service company. From his time there along with his experience in the military, Royce was ready to launch his own business, and so was Catherine. Enter GreenLawn by Design.

GreenLawn by Design offers year-long lawn care services. They also provide full-service landscaping services, including installation, maintenance and even hardscapes. Among their hardscape projects are retaining walls, patio pavers, water features and fire pits.GreenLawn by Design

With all the new home construction in the past few years, the Simpkins said they have been very busy providing services for new home construction. Many new homeowners find that the land- scaping around their new house is shoddy and was not designed with the homeowners’ tastes in mind. As a result, new homeowners ask GreenLawn by Design for services like replacing lawns, creating privacy fences with plants and adding trees.

Many of us get that burst of energy in the spring and only then begin to think about caring for our lawns and trying to beautify the exterior of our homes. For many of us, fall is mistaken for simply a time to rake leaves and put away the patio furniture. While GreenLawn by Design does offer fall cleanup and leaf removal, the Simpkins ask that you don’t overlook the important services that they offer in the fall that will have a terrific effect on your lawn in the spring.

They say the best way to assure a beautiful lawn in the spring is to perform certain maintenance procedures in the fall, such as aeration, over-seeding and fertilizer application. Royce recommends seeding your lawn in the fall, so the grass seed can germinate before spring and will not be negatively affected when the preemergence weed killer is applied in the spring. The early fall is an excellent time to do any landscaping in which you plan to add trees or other perennials, such as shrubs and flowers that grow from bulbs. The cooler temperatures, along with the normal fall rains, allow the plants to get a great start before the dryness and hot temperatures of next summer can take their toll. They recommend thinking of fall as a second planting season.

GreenLawn by Design has long been dedicated to fabulous customer service. They have been named a Super Service Award winner for three years in the category of lawn fertilization and landscaping. They have installed software that they make available to their clients that, among other things, allows clients to log in and see if and when their lawns were serviced and view pictures of GreenLawn by Design’s employees to make sure that the person showing up is actually from the company. In addition, Catherine has a blog that informs clients of any insects or diseases that have become prevalent in the area and gives tips for maintaining a beautiful lawn. Rest assured that GreenLawn by Design is fully licensed and also insured.

So, if you want a beautiful lawn next spring, call GreenLawn by Design now. The landscaping and lawn services that they can offer this fall will go a long way to ensuring you have a great outdoors next spring.













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