Make It a Morning at The Carmel Farmers Market

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May/June 2023

As the sun rises over Carter Green, the delightful scent of fresh produce, flowers and baked goods awakens the senses. The Carmel Farmers Market vendors and volunteers wait with anticipation to open the summer market to locals and visitors alike. The colorful booths line Carter Green, each offering a unique treasure trove of locally sourced goods.

Entice All Five Senses

Carter Green comes alive with activity every Saturday morning throughout the summer market season, as farmers and artisans proudly display their harvests and specialty goods. A symphony of color greets the eye, and fresh herbs like basil release their enticing fragrances that intertwine with the mouthwatering aromas of freshly prepared food and beverages.

Make It a Morning at The Carmel Farmers Market

The sounds of cheerful chatter, laughter and music fill the atmosphere, blending harmoniously with the sounds of vendors preparing fresh and delectable ready-to-go meals that can be consumed and enjoyed while visiting the market. Children walk alongside their parents, wide-eyed and eager to explore the wonders of the market. Families and friends gather around the green to enjoy their delicious treats, adding a festive and memorable touch to the scene.

The sizzle of grilling sausages, the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the sweet scent of pastries fill the air while hungry marketgoers line up for piping hot breakfast sandwiches, arepas, flaky croissants or steaming cups of artisanal coffee.

Adding to the ambiance are talented musicians that provide a melodic backdrop to the market and set a mood that encourages marketgoers to slow their pace and enjoy all that CFM offers its visitors. Make a morning out of the market experience while building endearing memories that your family and friends will reminisce on over the years to come.

CFM President Ron Carter shared his thoughts on the CFM experience and how attendance has continued to grow since its inception 25 years ago.

“We were up over 5,000 for attendance on opening day,” Carter stated. “It was a really good vibe, and the vendors were excited. They did very well, and [opening day] was especially nice because Island Breeze was there to play, and whenever they play at the market, it’s always very upbeat. There are a lot of options at the market, including 26 vendors who have prepared food and beverages for consumption on the premises while you’re shopping and enjoying the market.”

Carter added, “The Carmel Farmers Market is more than a place to purchase fruits and vegetables; it’s a place to make memories.”

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CFM President Ron Carter recounted an enjoyable market experience during which CFM participated in a national promotion for Maytag designed specifically for select farmers markets.

“We were contacted by a national ad agency from Chicago along with two other markets, one in New York City and one in Portland,” Carter shared. “They were the agency for Maytag. The company was introducing a new line of refrigerators that were supposed to keep fruits and vegetables much fresher for longer. One of the tactics was to utilize farmers markets to introduce the product. For our participation, we received three of the new refrigerators. One was for us to raffle off to our guests during the market. The next two were for our firehouses to have in their kitchens.”

Carter noted that CFM guests, vendors, volunteers and the “Maytag Man” had an exciting day at the market that morning, and the promotional event put the Carmel Farmers Market on the national map as a notable farmers market.

CFM Prepared Food Vendors

Booth #40           3 in 1 Restaurant – El Salvadoran and Mexican Food

Booth #57           Arepas – Venezuelan Arepas

Booth #10           Bobbie Q – Egg Noodles – Barbeque Sauce

Booth #32           Circle City Sweets Bakery – French

Booth #19           Gomez BBQ – Sandwiches

Booth #20           Groomsville Popcorn – Popcorn

Booth #49           Guacamole & More – Mexican Foods

Booth #56           Indie Coffee Roasters – Specialty Coffees

Booth #8              Jason Michael Thomas – Sandwiches, Breads

Booth #3              Jo Jo’s Dough – Breads

Booth #46           LIVE Project – Vegetable Juices

Booth #68           Lyd the Baker – Baked Goods

Booth #1              Ma Creperie – Crepes

Booth #27           Mission Coffee – Specialty Coffees

Booth #45           My Sugar Pie – Pies

Booth #39           No Label at the Table – Gluten-free Baked Goods

Booth #53           Olde Tyme Poppin Korn – Popcorn, Donuts

Booth #44           Polish Cottage – Polish Foods

Booth #16           Pots & Pan Pie Co – Pies and Pot Pies

Booth #51           Rosie’s Riblets – Barbeque

Booth #60           Second Act Sweets (1st/3rd) – Baked Goods, Cookies

Booth #22           Skillington Farms Inc. – Breakfast Sandwiches

Booth #13           St. Athanasius Church – Baked Goods, Eastern European

Booth #62           Vietnamese Eggroll Bar – Egg Rolls

Booth #24           Walking Waffle Company – Liege Waffles

Booth #12           Xchocol’Art – Gourmet Chocolate