Celebrating the Opening of the 25th Carmel Farmers Summer Market

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April/May 2023

Don’t miss the opening day of the Carmel Farmers Summer Market as it kicks off its 25th anniversary season at the beautiful Carter Green on Saturday, May 6, at 8:00 a.m. As per every opening of the CFM Summer Market, guests will be able to enjoy more than 70 vendors, and, of course, what would opening day be without the time-honored tradition of “Jim Keckley Donut Day”?

Why CFM Is Even More Important Today

For 25 years, CFM has offered the community the finest in Indiana-grown and/or -produced food and plant products. The fruits and vegetables available at CFM are often more flavorful and nutritious than those found at a grocery store. By buying produce directly from farmers at CFM, you are supporting local agriculture and helping to keep small family farms in business.

Carmel Farmers Market 2021

CFM provides a sense of community by bringing together local farmers, artisans and consumers. Saturday mornings at Carter Green are a hub of activity, with live music and other events that bring people together. Buying produce from CFM can reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation, packaging and refrigeration of produce sold in grocery stores. And CFM offers an opportunity to learn about the food you eat and where it comes from. You can talk directly with farmers and purveyors and learn about their farming/producing practices, as well as get tips on how to prepare and store the produce you buy.

Overall, CFM provides a range of benefits that make this summer market not only a beloved community tradition, but also an important part of our food system.

What and Who Is New This Season?

On May 6 specifically, here are a just a few of the activities CFM has planned:

  • Opening Day Celebration will be Founders Day with CFM volunteers handing donuts to CFM visitors starting at 8 a.m. While quantities last!
  • Visitors are welcome to register to win a Carmel Farmers Market Celebration 25th Anniversary Basket each month during the summer market season: May, June, July, August and September. The basket will be filled with CFM vendors such as local produce, honey, flowers, etc.

CFM President Ron Carter spoke about some other points of interest that will add to the celebratory anniversary season.

Carmel Farmers Market Volunteers

“On opening day, we will have ‘Jim Keckley Donut Day’ in honor of Jim, and we think that’s certainly an appropriate way to start off the 25th year. We will talk briefly about [Jim] as we open the market. We will have [commemorative] shirts for sale — they’re really special shirts — and those will be available for purchase at the committee tent. Weather permitting, we will also have a flyover at the opening of the market. For entertainment [on May 6], we will have Island Breeze. Their music, frankly, fits the vibe of the market. We’ll have lots of kids and parents dancing … everybody gets into their music. It enhances the already happy feeling at the market. And we have 75 vendors filling 72 spaces each week.”

There are 8 new vendors to the CFM Summer Market. If you frequented the CFM Winter Market, you may already be familiar with these vendors and their exquisite offerings.

ABSeafood: ABSeafood provides fresh seafood to several states. They carry shrimp, oyster, crab meat, fish and much more. No “farm raised imported” shrimp. ABSeafood was wildly popular at the CFM Winter Market.

 25th Carmel Farmers Summer Market

Lyd the Baker: Lyd the Baker provides baked goods, including gluten free. Lydia is a self-taught baker and registered dietitian, as well as a hobby gardener, with a deep knowledge of food science. A popular favorite at the CFM Winter Market.

 25th Carmel Farmers Summer Market

Freedom Valley Farm: Freedom Valley Farm provides fabulous vegetables, fruits and more! They are located in Freedom, Indiana, near Bloomington. They use innovative techniques as a four-season grower of fine, naturally cultivated produce!

 25th Carmel Farmers Summer Market

The Food Florist: The Food Florist provides frozen “comfort” meals. Their truck is equipped with freezers to hold each meal frozen and ready to take home for dinner. No shopping for individual ingredients or chopping involved! From freezer to oven, and dinner is done!

 25th Carmel Farmers Summer Market

Biscotti Indy: Biscotti is a bakery that transcends differences by creating a bridge between Italian and African American cultures. They put the spotlight on delicious dishes that make us all happy. They offer a variety of delectable desserts, including peach cobbler, tiramisu, cupcakes, and biscotti, of course.

 25th Carmel Farmers Summer Market

Polish Cottage: Authentic Polish Food at its best. They offer catering options for your next upcoming event or meeting. Fans of the Polish Cottage will tell you it’s the best authentic Polish food you will ever taste!

U-Relish: U-Relish offers an artisan small batch line of easy, nutritious meals for slow-cooking using beans, peas, lentils and grains. Products are vegan and gluten free but can be easily adapted to everyone’s taste.

DJ’s Sharp Edges: Sharpen your knives at DJ’s Sharp Edges booth while you shop the market! From Noblesville, DJ’s Sharp Edges will be joining the market to offer their razor-sharp skills!

Be sure to join us for opening day and every Saturday for the CFM Summer Market at Carter Green from May 6 through September 30, 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. For a complete list of vendors and entertainment, visit carmelfarmersmarket.com.


“I remember opening day at [Carter] Green when we moved the market from the [Carmel] City Hall parking lot to what is inarguably one of the very best farmers market spaces in all the country because of the facilities that we specifically designed to handle the market and other events that take place on the green. That’s why every vendor has electricity and why the driveway was designed the way it was. It was a really great moment for me and the committee. It was a really great day!” — Ron Carter, Carmel Farmers Market President