ZIONSVILLE PHYSICAL THERAPY: Bringing Back the Joy of Movement

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Writer // Cindy Argentine • Photography // Laura Arick

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Zionsville Physical Therapy (ZPT) is an independent practice centrally located in Boone Village Shopping Center.
Elaine Ritter Morrison, a licensed physical therapist, owns and manages ZPT. Morrison and her team provide expert and individualized care to each person who enters.

Recognizing her success, the Zionsville Chamber of Commerce named Morrison “Business Professional of the Year” for 2018. Dozens of testimonials further validate ZPT’s achievements. Framed on the office walls, these statements from former clients express how great it feels to overcome physical pain and regain freedom of movement.

As Morrison says, “People often come in with a sense of loss—they are physically unable to do something that used to bring them joy. But I picture them as the healthy person they can become. I think: ‘We can do this!’ I want them to know that with diligence and personalized attention, we can often bring back the joy.”

Personal and Personable Care

Morrison’s optimism, enthusiasm and sincerity are at the heart of ZPT. As the only single, locally-owned physical therapy practice in Zionsville, ZPT offers patients a unique model within the modern healthcare system.

Elaine Morrison owner of Zionsville Physical Therapy

“Our goal is to be personal and personable,” Morrison says. “We allow the time needed to do that.” Many times, sessions with a therapist last an hour or more. That allows time to listen, evaluate and treat using hands-on techniques.

Whatever the situation, a physical therapist at ZPT designs a program of exercise to stretch and strengthen the correct muscles, enabling the patient to regain strength and mobility.

Welcoming Environment

The ZPT staff includes three licensed PTs: owner Elaine Morrison, Marissa Barbee and Emina Alicusic-Karic. There are several PT technicians: Taylor Kerr, Amanda Raines, Katia Pena Garcia and Preet Sidhu. Christi Johnson, office manager, greets guests as they arrive and artfully handles billing and scheduling.

Special Section:

Morrison personally specializes in women’s care. She has successfully treated many issues women face, including urinary incontinence, pelvic pain and concerns related to pregnancy and intimacy. Morrison hopes women will realize that there are effective PT treatments for many conditions.

ZPT’s office is designed to feel safe, comfortable and welcoming. The gym area, open to the reception space, hosts weights, benches and other exercise equipment. It offers plenty of daylight and space to move. Conversation
flows easily between patients and providers as they work side-by-side, creating a family-like atmosphere.

flows easily between patients and providers as they work side-by-side, creating a family-like atmosphere.

Part of the Community

Morrison has lifelong ties to the Zionsville community. She graduated from high school here as did her children.

In between those years, she attended Purdue and IUPUI and gained experience at a rehab institute in Louisville, a hospital in northern Indiana and several nursing homes and corporate outpatient PT clinics. When an opportunity arose at ZPT in 2005, Morrison embraced it. About a year later, when ZPT’s founder decided to move on, Morrison purchased the practice. Morrison and her staff are committed to being life- long learners in their field.

Through in-depth consultation and assessment, they are able to pinpoint underlying issues others may have missed.

They often share their experience and knowledge with the community by offering free workshops at ZPT. On March 16, ZPT will host a workshop on hip and pelvis concerns.

Becoming a Patient

Morrison welcomes referrals from medical doctors. She believes that collaboration between a doctor and therapist often benefits patients. However, if patients have not seen a doctor concerning their issue, they may still seek physical therapy. Under Indiana law, a patient may receive physical therapy for 24 days through direct access without a doctor’s order. (An exception is that Medicare requires a physician to be involved.)

Morrison believes it is ethical and important to give patients a choice of providers. She recognizes that many therapists are affiliated with a hospital or larger healthcare network. As an independent provider, ZPT does not receive the built-in referrals such systems provide, but patients are free to request independent providers.

Physical therapy is often covered by insurance, and ZPT works with several insurance plans. As Morrison says, it is worth a phone call to find out.

Learning More

To learn more about ZPT –its staff, mission and upcoming events – visit their website at ZionsvillePT.com. You can also subscribe to their free e-newsletter, which clearly explains common musculoskelatal concerns and offers tips for staying healthy.

To subscribe, call 317-873-2033 or email [email protected].

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