Women Who Are Driving Their Brands Into the Next Generation

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June 2022

As the Artomobilia committee and its sponsors are revving up for the big weekend this August in the Arts & Design District in Carmel, Indiana, we are pleased to feature these two Artomobilia sponsors—Ferrari Lake Forest and Evans May Wealth—who support this year’s featured marque, which is Ferrari.

For 75 years, Ferrari has been setting the standard for excellence in both road and race trim. This year’s 15th Artomobilia will celebrate an exceptional collection of heritage and contemporary Ferraris that continue to amaze and delight the automotive community.

Making Their Own Marks

And in keeping with the theme of heritage and legacy while also celebrating two extraordinary women who are slaying it in what have typically been male-dominated industries, we were thrilled to speak with Director of Marketing and Events Cassie Mancuso Carver, whose family owns and operates Ferrari Lake Forest in Lake Bluff, Illinois, and Evans May Wealth Managing Partner Elizabeth “Lizzie” Evans. Both ladies are pleased to be sponsors of Artomobilia.

Ferrari and Evans May

Ferrari Lake Forest offers one of the largest indoor displays of high-performance automotive fashion anywhere in the country, making it a premier Ferrari dealer for Chicago.

“Ferrari Lake Forest is a family business that was started by my father [Rick Mancuso], who is a third-generation automotive business owner, and we [the kids] are fourth-generation [automotive business owners] and second-generation [owners] of Ferrari Lake Forrest, as that was independently started by our father alone,” Carver shared. “I’m obviously the only girl, so it’s always been a unique position for me to have been growing up in a male-dominated industry and family-run automotive business. There’s not a lot of females in this industry to begin with. But I grew in it just like my brothers, and we’ve continued to grow our family business.”

Like Carver, Evans worked alongside her own father until he retired in 2018. Evans, her husband Ian Flanagan and Brooke May are all managing partners who created Evans May Wealth upon Evans’ father’s retirement.

Ferrari and Evans May

Evans May Wealth is located in the Arts & Design District in Carmel, Indiana. Evans May Wealth delivers on its mission by providing a world-class client service experience through its suite of financial planning programs and investment management expertise. Evans is a native to Carmel and lives in the Village of WestClay.

“I was born and raised in Carmel,” Evans shared. “My father had been a Merrill Lynch advisor for 40-plus years. I was working in private equity in Austin [Texas] when my father asked if I was interested in coming to work for him. My husband, Ian, and I decided to move back to Indiana. We left Merrill Lynch in 2019 to start our own business—Evans May Wealth.”

The Art of Building Relationships

Artomobilia brings car enthusiasts and collectors together for sure. But it also cultivates advantageous business relationships, which is a value-add for its sponsors.

Both Carver and Evans credit their partnership as Artomobilia sponsors to Artomobilia co-founder John Leonard who connected the two ladies.

Carver said she has a “soft spot” for Indiana having attended summer camps at Culver Academies, and two of her three daughters attend Culver. Carver also is a fan of Artomobilia and understands the synergies between her business and the Artomobilia team. She also expressed her appreciation for Elizabeth Evans and what the two sponsors share in common.

“I met John [Leonard] at an Indy 500 race for the first time,” Carver shared. “We had been connected through a race team earlier, and he connected me with Lizzie [Elizabeth Evans]. It’s always great talking with another female—especially one from a family-run business and male-dominated industry—who understands the nuances. Lizzie and I both understand what we need to accomplish and what our goals are. There’s a lot of synergies between us, so we’re looking forward to [Artomobilia], and Indiana is such an important market for us. We’re just excited to be a part of it.”

Evans added, “I’m a huge believer in Carmel. We knew we wanted [Evans May Wealth] to be in Carmel, and we’ve had great reception from our clients. We met John [Leonard], who is certainly a visionary, and we really wanted to be a part of Artomobilia. There are so many events that surround it and lead up to it throughout the year. We have a lot of clients that are either [racing] team owners or are drivers, and we do quite a bit out at IMS, so it made sense for us to get involved with Artomobilia. We partnered with Ferrari, and we feel like we have high-performing teams who pay a lot of attention to detail. So, at John’s suggestion, [the co-branding] was a good fit. I think there’s no better event in Carmel, and as it continues to build with each passing year, it continues to get even better.”

Building Upon Their Family Legacies

The responsibility of carrying on their respective family legacies are acknowledged by both Carver and Evans. They see their involvement as sponsors and co-branding partners as a way to expand their footprints and to continue building not only their impressive brands but relationships with future clients.

Evans May Wealth is a well-established, experienced wealth management team with the longevity to navigate the complexities of your wealth through your retirement and beyond. As a registered independent advisory firm with decades of experience, the team specializes in providing wealth planning for families, executives and business owners.

Evans shared, “There are 11 members of the Evans May Wealth team, and we manage just over a billion in client assets. We only manage high-net-worth families and multigenerational wealth. We have a lot of families that span multiple decades, and we tend to work with a lot of business owners and corporate executives. Ultimately, it is my job to make sure my clients are well protected, and regarding my family legacy—I’m making sure that I’m doing right by my father continuing his legacy, and that’s a big responsibility.”

As a full-service Ferrari dealership serving the Indianapolis, Indiana area and beyond, Ferrari Lake Forest is renowned for its award-winning service and parts department, whose sole goal is to make your after-sales experience flawless. Be sure to visit its 70,000-square-foot facility in Lake Bluff, Illinois. It is one of the largest indoor displays of award-winning high-performance automotive fashion anywhere in the country.

“There’s something to be said about the Midwest roots and its values,” Carver said. “And [the Midwest] is right in our backyard. We have a lot of clients, but the day that you rest on that and you’re not planning for the future, and you’re not looking to meet new clients, is the day that you’re going to fail. We’re constantly introducing people to who we are as a company, who Ferrari is and the brand itself, and we identify spots such as Artomobilia where we can easily partner and align with our brands so that it’s mutually beneficial.”

If you’re in the market for a world-class customer experience and are looking for a Ferrari or for wealth management services, be sure to contact Cassie Mancuso Carver at Lake Forest Ferrari and/or Elizabeth Evans at Evans May Wealth.

For more information on Ferrari Lake Forest, visit ferrarilakeforest.com. And for more information on the services provided by Evans May Wealth, visit evansmay.com.