With Clayton Family Veterinary Care, the Name Says So Much

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January 2019


Dr. Anne Clayton and Dr. Ross Clayton recently opened their new veterinary clinic, Clayton Family Veterinary Care, in Carmel. As you might have guessed from their last names, Dr. Anne and Dr. Ross are married, and both are vets. The name Clayton Family Veterinary Care not only represents the relationship of the doctors practicing there, but it also reflects their philosophy regarding the type of atmosphere and level of service you and your pets can expect to receive there.

Neither Dr. Anne or Dr. Ross is new to the area or the practice of veterinary medicine. Both grew up in Zionsville, and they actually started dating while in high school when they were 16 years old. Together they attended and graduated from DePauw University and the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine. Ross has worked in a private clinic in Carmel for the past 17 years while Anne has practiced in the Zionsville and Hamilton County area for a similar period of time. They acknowledged that finally getting the chance to work together as a family and the possibility of getting their four children involved with the new clinic is a dream come true.

Having the experience of working in other veterinary practices over the years provided the Claytons with the opportunity to see things that they liked about other clinics and things that they did not. One of the things they have seen become part of many vet clinics is the loss of a personal relationship between the doctor and the pets and pet owners because the amount of time vets spend getting to know the pet and the owners keeps shrinking. The Claytons thought this assembly line mentality did a disservice to clients, particularly when you consider how important most pets are to families.

Therefore, the Claytons are committed to offering each pet owner 30 minutes of their time for each pet visit. During that time, they want to get to know the pet and the pet’s owner, and they also want to learn more about the relationship between the pet and its owner. It is the Claytons’ hope that by dedicating this time to their clients and their pets that they are more likely to become part of the Clayton Family Veterinary Care family. Equally important to the Claytons is that they offer this exceptional level of service at a reasonable price.

In 2016, an organization called Fear Free was created to provide online and in-person education to veterinary professionals with its mission to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety and stress in pets by inspiring and educating the people who care for them. Dr. Anne is certified by the Fear Free organization.

In designing and constructing the new clinic, the Claytons relied heavily on the principles of Fear Free. For example, the floors were required to have a certain grip coefficient, so animals can maneuver easily. In addition, the cat area is not only separated from the dog area physically but also has special soundproofing. Specific areas of the clinic have special anxiety-reducing pheromones being dispensed through the air to calm the animals. You will also notice an abundance of windows in the clinic, so pet owners have a line of sight throughout the clinic and can thereby be assured that their pets are getting the best care possible.

If you or your pet are looking for a veterinary clinic with the family touch, call or stop by Clayton Family Veterinary Care.


Clayton Family Veterinary Care

14757 Oak Rd.

Carmel, IN 46033