WHJE Students Win Top Honors in the Big Apple

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April 2019

Publisher’s Note: Due to editorial deadlines, this story was published in the April issue. We wanted to spotlight the WHJE students/winners and runners-up for their achievements this year and at the IBS awards ceremony in early March.

Writer // Janelle Morrison Photography // Courtesy of WHJE staff

Earlier this year, Carmel High School (CHS) announced 30 students at the WHJE radio station had been nominated for national radio awards by the Interscholastic Broadcasting System (IBS) competition. The event was held March 2 at the 79th Annual International Conference in New York City.

WHJE Students Win Top Honors in the Big Apple
WHJE/CHS students and staff taking in the sights in NYC-March 2019.

We would like to congratulate the 30 students who brought home 62 awards [national and runners-up] from the IBS competition. They won 16 national awards – 12 individuals as well as the whole station staff. There were also 30 students who won 46 runners-up awards.

Founded in 1963, WHJE (91.3 FM) is a nonprofit high school radio station owned by the Carmel Clay School Corporation.

CHS senior Jack Edwards is one of this year’s IBS nominees and is one of the senior managers for the station, working under the direction of the Station Manager Dominic James.

Edwards explained that there were no limits to the number of submissions from each participating school for this year’s IBS awards, and the students submitted over 100 audio files from work produced in the last six months in a variety of categories for consideration. Out of those, 62 nominations were awarded. Many of these students were nominated in multiple categories.

“It was a really good output – one of the best that we’ve had in many years,” Edwards emphasized. “If you look at the awards list, we’re in almost every category, and I think that reflects the depth of our station. We have a ton of kids working on it, inspiring one another, and we’re able to create a lot of cool work. We’re not just good at sports broadcasting, but we’re good at promotional work and live shows. We’re well-versed in a lot of things, and I think the overall array of awards that we’re nominated for really reflects that.”

When asked what this nomination experience and what working for the station means to him personally, Edwards shared, “I’ve done radio from my freshman to my senior year, and it has been a huge part of my high school life. There is a wall in the radio hallway that is lined with plaques from people who have won awards in the past. You want to be one of the people who have their name up there, and it is a select few who end up getting first place or awards in the top three. For me, that’s one of my biggest goals – to leave behind a legacy of excellence.”

Edwards spoke about how he is also proud of his fellow broadcasters and students for all the work and hours that they put into making WHJE the successful radio station that it is.

“Radio at Carmel is the biggest that it’s ever been, and we’re really starting to reflect our strengths in award categories,” Edwards said. “The station wouldn’t be where it is right now if it wasn’t for the efforts of the people who work at it now and those who came before us who gave us our ideals and morals.”


2019 IBS National Winners

Best On-Air Pledge Drive – Radiothon, WHJE Staff

Best Overall On-Air Schedule – Matt Hustel (On-Air Director)

Best Radio Drama – Debate Team, Neharika Palivela

Most Creative Programming – ASMR, Lauren Jacobson

Best Live Music Broadcast – Rainy Thursdays, Ross Abdellah, Nate Miller, Bailey Wright

Best News Broadcast – WHJE News, Ryan Dossey

Best Use of Video – Station Website Promo, Bailey Wright

Best Use of Twitter – Ross Abdellah

Best Social Media Manager – Ross Abdellah

Best Community Outreach Event Promo – Ghosts & Goblins Run, Nate Miller

Best Station Promotional Event – Radiothon, Mason Klain

Best Sports Play-by-Play (Other) – Girls’ State Soccer Final, Sam Weixler

Best Hockey Play-by-Play – Sam Weixler

Best Softball/Baseball Play-by-Play – Girls’ Softball, Jack Edwards, Jace Dery

Best Promo Series – WHJE Promos, Nate Miller

Best Comedy Program – Everything but the Kitchen Sink, Caitlin Varanka