White Barn Antiques Offers Quality Antique and Vintage Home Furnishings

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May 2024

White Barn Antiques in Cloverdale, Indiana, is a must-visit destination for antique lovers and those looking to experience the charm of a small-town treasure hunt. A family venture owned by Doug and Abby Harrough, White Barn Antiques, LLC, brings a passionate and extensive knowledge of antique and vintage furnishings with a commitment to providing quality furnishings and superb customer service to its customers.

White Barn Antiques

A Passion for Antiques and Preservation

White Barn Antiques offers an extensive collection of vintage and antique items. Housed in a picturesque white barn, the shop features an array of antique furniture, home décor, collectibles and unique pieces that evoke nostalgia and charm.

Passing down family antiques holds significant emotional, cultural and practical value. Antiques link us to our past, preserving family history and enriching the family narrative with stories and memories.

Collecting antiques can also be a smart investment; many pieces appreciate [in value] over time, providing aesthetic pleasure and financial returns. Additionally, antiques contribute to sustainable living by repurposing and preserving existing items, reducing the demand for new resources.

According to industry experts and reputable antique dealers, antiques are defined as an item, or items, at least or over 100 years old. While there is no official expert consensus on what qualifies as “vintage,” experts agree that an item should be 20-99 years old.

Doug and Abby established and opened White Barn Antiques in November of 2023 as retirement from their preexisting careers neared.

“We love the hunt,” Doug shared. “Abby and I are always finding ourselves in antique stores, estate sales and auctions. We started picking things up that are quality, in good shape and lend themselves to having real beauty.”

Doug added, “We had started to think about retirement, and Abby and I were asking ourselves what we [wanted] to do. We moved to the country for a variety of reasons and have been blessed with a plot of land along with a white house and a white barn. We love antiques, and I have always had a passion for furniture … I love its craftsmanship and design [aspect]. So, this is where the passion has led us. Frankly, our financial advisor told us that we need to retire to something and not from something. So, we are retiring to the passion that is White Barn Antiques.”

White Barn Antiques

Keep Grandma’s Antique Hutch and Grandpa’s Reading Chair!

By thoughtfully blending antiques with modern décor, you can create a unique and personalized space that reflects both timeless elegance and contemporary style. Mix and match styles and pair antique pieces with modern furniture to create a dynamic contrast.

For example, an ornate antique mirror can be placed above a sleek, minimalist console table. Create focal points and use antiques as statement pieces in your décor. A vintage chandelier in a modern dining room or an antique armchair in a minimalist living room can draw attention and serve as conversation starters. Balance proportions and scale to ensure that the size and scale of your antiques complement the modern pieces in the room. A large antique cabinet can anchor a space, while smaller vintage accessories, like lamps or vases, can add subtle touches of history.

Give antiques a new life by repurposing them in contemporary ways. An old trunk can become a coffee table, or a vintage ladder can be used as a unique bookshelf. Updating upholstery or refinishing wood can also help antiques fit better within a modern context while preserving their character. Be sure to layer with modern art and accessories. Surround antiques with modern art, lighting and accessories to create a balanced look. This layering technique helps integrate the old with the new, making the transition between styles seamless and cohesive.

“I believe that people will lean into what they’re attracted to and add it to their home,” Doug said. “We have [in our home] very modern pieces, and we have an 18th-century breakfront that is an anchor, if you will, to our living room, and yet we have a very modern custom sofa and pieces from Ethan Allen … you mix and match. I think rooms should be layered with what you like and what brings you joy.”

In an era of IKEA and throwaway furnishings, Doug and Abby emphasized the importance of appreciating and preserving antiques as you would any piece of valuable art.

“It’s really about the craftsmanship,” Doug said. “The artistry is taken for granted, and when you think about the time and energy it takes to make a beautiful piece of furniture, you realize the artistry and talent that goes into creating that. These pieces are made to last and are made to be functional as well as beautiful.”

Doug spoke about the importance of maintaining and caring for antiques while emphasizing that your pieces should be used and enjoyed, not stored away out of sight.

White Barn Antiques

“I’m not an appraiser, but there are many qualified appraisers around Indiana and I do believe that people should have their pieces appraised and insured for their value,” Doug said. “In terms of caring for them, [give] them a good dusting, and for raw wood, you’ll want to make sure it’s not dried out. You’ll want to use an oil to moisten the wood and breathe some life back into it. For finished pieces, I would recommend more of a paste wax instead of a spray wax like Pledge and only do it sparingly … maybe once or twice a year. Keep things out of direct sunlight because that will bleach out the finish and dry out the wood. It’s not going to have a perfect finish, and frankly, I think even the spots and the stains and things like that tell a story. They let you know that they’ve been around for a while, and that’s okay.”

Doug continued, “I think you can overdo an antique piece. I understand that people want things to look new and shiny, and that’s great, but I also think you take away some of its pride and dignity when you do that to an antique piece. Other than that, if you buy something from us, please use it! It’s not a monument, and it’s not going with you at the end, so use it now and let others use it.”

Discovering Cloverdale’s Charm

After exploring the treasures at White Barn Antiques, take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the quaint charm of Cloverdale for a day or weekend getaway. You can board your pets at Kuddles Kennels, should you have the need. Indulge in classic American comfort food at Lou’s Diner, where you can savor tenderloins as big as your head in a nostalgic setting, or Cloverdale’s new coffee shop, Sweet Clover Coffee, and new café, Four Leaf on Main—both are located on the west side of Main Street in downtown Cloverdale.

With its unique antique finds, delightful local amenities and stunning natural surroundings, Cloverdale offers the perfect setting for a relaxing and enjoyable weekend escape. Enjoy the beach, boating, fishing and hiking at Lieber State Recreation Area near Cagles Mill Lake.

“It’s a quiet little rural farm town, and it’s a lovely day trip,” Doug said. “We love Cloverdale because it’s quaint and quiet. We’ve been out here for six years. My wife is originally from Franklin [Indiana] and I’m from Bloomington [Indiana]. I’m hoping that our [antique] shop brings more people out here. It is quintessential rural Indiana.”

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White Barn Antiques

2192 East County Road 1100S

Cloverdale, IN 46120

Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. or by appointment.

A Five-Star Review

“A wonderful assortment of well-preserved antique furnishings and accessories, tastefully displayed in a gorgeous, well-lit store. There are hand-selected antiques, tables, secretaries and chairs one to two-and-a-half centuries old. The proprietors are friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and interested in your antique interests. White Barn’s inventory makes me want three or four extra rooms in my house to furnish! A must-stop for serious collectors and people looking for that one special piece to build a room around.”