When you’ve exhausted every option, where do you turn?

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Your brain has the answer. It’s not about WHAT you think – it’s not about HOW you think – it isn’t even about being more disciplined – it’s about the brain itself. In order to sleep better, enjoy a peace filled life not controlled by anxiety, see life in a positive light without feeling depressed – have sustained energy without crashing – your brain needs to govern your life in a balanced manner.

The left and right brain hemispheres, in corresponding lobes, need to be rhythmically coordinated like two dance partners competing together in a contest. When your brain rhythms are unbalanced, there’s a problem. The experience may be different for each person when brain lobes don’t dance well together, but if there is a part or many parts of your life experience which are not as you would like them to be, brain balance is likely the chief cause.

When a warrior who returns home is diagnosed with posttraumatic stress (PTS or PTSD), studies have shown this condition isn’t associated with WHAT they think or HOW they think – it isn’t solved with masking the condition with medications either – it is simply about the brain being out of balance. Wake Forest School of Medicine has published articles about brain patterns for returning warriors suffering from PTS or the stresses of war.

These studies have measured brain balance using Cereset Research™ (see https://cereset.com/research/ ) before and after Cereset brain relaxation was utilized. The results were truly incredible. Yes, these men and women reported differences in their sleep, anxiety, depression, and their overall condition after Cereset sessions – but most important, the research team could actually see that change in their corresponding brain lobes and could measure how much better the brain was balanced.

Sometimes the stresses of life become unbearable. When we work to straighten things out on our own, our stress levels rise in the process rather than fall. The brain speeds up, telling us “we can” get out of this situation and so we push even harder. We may actually end up feeling like we just want to run away or we may want to fight with whom or what we believe is causing our stress. In the example depicted below, spectrographs show the left and right temporal lobes of the brain, which are known indicators for driving the autonomic or internal nervous systems.

When a client’s brain appears to be right side dominant – indicated by the first spectrograph – the client often experiences insomnia, anxiety, possibly depression, mental fog with an inability to focus, and a feeling of being extremely tense and unable to relax. This condition is commonly known as “fight-or-flight,” conversely, when the left and right sides of the brain start to dance well together again, with one side not constantly overpowering the dance, the client usually experiences restful sleep, a sense of peace and hopefulness, greater mental clarity and focus, and a sense of relaxed wellbeing.

When you’ve exhausted every option, where do you turn?
Before and After Cereset

Sometimes the opposite happens. We face life obstacles which we can do nothing about – loss of a loved one, a relationship breakup, job loss, or financial crisis from which we know we can never recover. When the brain faces those situations and says “I can’t” – it switches to numbing in order to sustain us without burning out. This is called a “freeze” response. Not unlike a car on an icy road with tires slipping, stomping on the gas pedal will ensure things don’t end well. You need to use the brake judiciously and proceed slowly to once again gain traction. The numbing or freeze response can create insomnia and depression, hopelessness, lack of energy, and a sense of doom.

The left side of the brain is dominant as indicated by the first spectrograph. However, when the brain relaxes and resets itself so both sides dance together again in a coordinated fashion, no longer is one side constantly overpowering the dance. As a result, the client usually experiences restful sleep, feeling alive and engaged, clearer focus, and a sense of hopefulness and relaxed wellbeing.

Donna had reached a point in her life of total desperation. A single parent, she’d learned she had breast cancer and needed major surgery. After her operation, she found out doctors had been unable to remove all the cancer and she would face another six weeks of radiation treatments. Later, Donna continued struggling to find peace. A lack of restful sleep, fuzzy thinking and hormonal hot flashes continued to interrupt her life and rob her of joy. Her closest companions were anxiety and depression. Though therapy, medications, and other modalities brought a small measure of relief, nothing addressed the issues she faced for very long.

Donna’s brain spectrograph showed a strong brain imbalance on the left side – a freeze response. There was simply nothing she could do about the cancer diagnosis, the additional required radiation, or the life changes that accompanied her trauma. This left dominance at the temporal lobe showed she was being driven by her own brain to shut down, put her foot on the gas, and be numbed so she wasn’t overwhelmed. As a single parent with multiple responsibilities, she had reached out to any modality she thought might help. Cereset of Carmel, IN was what ultimately helped her.

Her recovery will be a process to help get many aspects of her brain and associated life back in balance, but she is well on her way and restful sleep is the first positive indicator. Viewing the graph below, you can clearly see Donna’s temporal lobes graphed over time in a two minute baseline when she first came to Cereset. The left lobe is indicated by the green line in the graph below, and the right lobe is indicated by the blue line, covering a frequency range that’s basic to her sleep and the beginning point for other aspects of her experience.

As can be seen, they haven’t yet balanced – the green line is still strongly dominant, but after four sessions both brain hemispheres were dancing better together and things started changing in a big way for Donna.

When you’ve exhausted every option, where do you turn?

Your story may be different but perhaps you’re equally desperate, having exhausted options to regather yourself after an extended illness, a painful loss or other debilitating trauma. Restful sleep is often elusive when accompanied by any one of these contributing factors.

The fact is, whatever blocks our ability to manage what life throws at us, is ultimately being driven by our brains. The brain is the organ of central command for our bodies. Our brains react to threatening situations by locking into survival mode to help keep us alive. Though that serves an important function, it also causes us incredible difficulty in obtaining restful sleep once the threat has passed.

You can be certain that any difficulties you face have their root in an imbalanced brain. Knowing that is not particularly helpful unless there’s a way to support the brain returning to its normal, balanced state. Some traditional modalities may provide temporary relief, but they typically don’t recognize or help facilitate the brain’s amazing ability for its own self-healing. 

Donna’s search for answers finally led her to a brain-centric approach. She sought out Cereset™ – CErebrum (Brain) + RESET, whose office in Carmel, IN offered a process which does exactly what she needed: supporting the brain by reflecting it’s rhythms back to itself, thus allowing it to reset or heal itself. Following an initial Cereset session, she experienced restful and refreshing sleep. After 4 Cereset sessions, Donna loves the 7 hours of restful sleep she’s now enjoying, awaking to thoughts of gratitude for having her burdens lifted.

Donna knows this healing journey will take time in order for her brain to generate strong and healthy networks. She also realizes that, unlike the previous times of temporary soothing from other modalities, she is now on a path for lasting change.

The Cereset process is graphed below:

When you’ve exhausted every option, where do you turn?
The Cereset Experience

It worked for Donna. It can work for you.

Donna works from her own home office but occasionally finds it necessary to travel to corporate headquarters. Prior to Cereset, the mere thought of traveling there caused her excruciating anxiety. She now recognizes she’s sailing through situations that would have previously been crippling. Donna now expects herself to be a high performer.

After her sessions at Cereset of Carmel, IN with Brenda Hanning, Donna simply no longer experiences trip preparation anxiety. Though she’s not overjoyed at the prospect of the journey, she has no fear or anxiety about it whatsoever. In fact, she’s looking forward to sharing her Cereset experience with co-workers in the corporate office. She wants them to see the “new Donna” with their own eyes.

When asked what she will tell them if they scoff at this new Cereset technology, Donna laughs and says, “Are you kidding, look at me. If it works for me it could work for you too. And, come on, it isn’t going to hurt and can only help. Give it a try!”

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