We Guac Your World Offers Fresh and Locally Sourced Products

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August 2022

In this month’s Carmel Farmers Market spotlight, we are pleased to feature Myriam Lopez-Murguia aka Myriam Boyer, owner at We Guac Your World. If you haven’t tried Lopez-Murguia’s fresh guacamole yet, you are missing out! We spoke with Lopez-Murguia about her company and what makes her guacamole, salsa verde and pico de gallo different and so delicious!

We Guac Your World

Lopez-Murguia sells all of her delectable products at local farmers markets, and she also has a super user-friendly website for customers to order for “pick up” from the any of the farmers markets that she participates in during the markets’ season. So, for those who like to plan ahead and ensure they have Lopez-Murguia’s amazing guacamole and cactus salad, served along with her baked tostadas, for a weekend gathering or cookout, We Guac Your World makes menu planning easy!

Growing a Business

Lopez-Murguia is originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León, in Mexico. When she arrived in the U.S., she saw the lack of freshly made food at events like festivals, fairs and farmers markets. All of Lopez-Murguia’s products are made with all-natural ingredients and are free of preservatives and artificial colors or flavors. Additionally, they are made from scratch, and the fresh vegetables are chopped on the Friday before the farmers markets to ensure the freshest and most flavorful tastes!

We Guac Your World

Lopez-Murguia added, “Ever since I got here to the United States, I always had it in my mind to have a business selling guacamole. People always told me that my guacamole, pico de gallo and salsa verde are very good and that I should sell them.”

A mom of two young children at the time, Lopez-Murguia founded We Guac Your World in 2012 and began selling her three main products at the Fishers Farmers Market. Upon demand from her growing customer base, Lopez-Murguia added even more fresh and healthy products to her menu, including cactus salad, avocado salad, bake tostados and Mexican lime pie.

Expanding her service area, Lopez-Murguia also began selling at the Broad Ripple Farmers Market and eventually the Carmel Farmers Market.

“I also did the City Market downtown for six years until COVID hit,” Lopez-Murguia shared. “I love the Carmel Farmers Market — and one reason that helped me to be a vendor in the Carmel [Farmers Market] is the fact that customers from Carmel who went to other markets asked why I was not in the Carmel [Market], and I was like, ‘Well, tell the people in Carmel that you want me there.’ And I was finally accepted, and I love being a vendor at this market.”

Living Her Dream

While raising her children, Lopez-Murguia was also growing her business, and after getting a divorce, she was a single mom with two children, and she was determined to save for their college.

While working a full-time, 40-hour-a-week job and raising her children, Lopez-Murguia spent no less than another 30-plus hours a week building her business. Her children are now a sophomore and senior in high school and have spent many hours working alongside their mother, undoubtedly learning a strong work ethic and the importance of preparing and offering fresh and healthy products to a community.

“It seems like yesterday that I formed the LLC and was putting them on the [school] bus for the very first time,” Lopez-Murguia reflected. “I have a full-time job as an accountant for the Carmel United Methodist Church, and I continue to do my business on the side. I normally have 8 to 10 people — mostly moms — who work with me. It gets them out of the house in the mornings, and they make some extra money. I always thank God for all these beautiful people that he’s bringing to me, so I can continue to realize my dream. Because this is my dream, and my joy, and I cannot do it by myself.”

During the summer, Lopez-Murguia has a lot of young people who work with her, and she takes great pride in sharing her knowledge and work ethic with them.

Lopez-Murguia added, “They learn a lot of a little bit of everything. And most of them ask me for letters of recommendation, because this was their first job.”

Part of the knowledge that Lopez-Murguia shares with her staff is the important of being environmentally conscious and how to properly compost and recycle waste, which is an important part of her business practices. Using locally sourced products from local farms is equally important to Lopez-Murguia.

“I buy from local farmers when I can, as long as they [the products] are good and flavorful,” Lopez-Murguia said. “I have a friend who plants cilantro and peppers for me. She calls me and tells me to come get them, and we have to pick them ourselves sometimes. I am a super neat freak, so we wash everything before we use them, including the limes before we squeeze them and the avocados before we chop them.”

Every week, Lopez-Murguia and her team chop 350 pounds of tomatoes every Friday and go through 600 avocados each Saturday.

Lopez-Murguia concluded, “There are a lot of logistics behind this business, but I absolutely love my business.”

For more information or to place orders for pick up at your preferred farmers market, visit weguacyourworld.com, email [email protected] or text questions to (317)496-7061.

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