Warehouse 37:

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April 2018

Hamilton County’s newest wedding venue and event center is so versatile, it can handle any kind of event, according to President and CEO Kenny Cochran. “As long as we can fit their event in this building, we can customize the building for any event,” says Cochran during a tour of the freshly remodeled facility.

Located off State Road 37 at 15325 Herriman Blvd. in Noblesville, the center offers a wedding hall that can accommodate as many as 200 people and a large reception hall, complete with a stage and dance floor, for 300 people.

The venue also features state-of-the-art video screens throughout, including three large retractable screens in the wedding hall that can be used to feature videos of the bride and groom. There is a private DJ sound booth, surround sound, drones for capturing the event from every angle and special lighting that creates the perfect ambiance for weddings or other events. “We have the technology to have a very fun event,” says Cochran. There is also a mile of rope lighting and 27,000 lightbulbs in the building.

Warehouse 37 aims to offer something for everyone. “We specialize in weddings, but this is an event center, so this is good for not only weddings but Christmas parties, corporate parties, corporate training, Super Bowl parties … Anything that people need a space for, this is the place,” says Cochran, who also owns Moore Restoration that shares the building. “This can become a big party central. I’ve had Super Bowl parties in here before for my clients,” he says, adding that it is also a perfect site for wedding trade shows, anniversaries, high school graduation parties, reunions and even fashion shows.

Besides its flexibility, Cochran says his new center sets itself apart in other ways too. “I think the first thing out of the gate is that you can bring in any caterer, any vendor that you want. So many don’t allow that. You have to either use their food vendor, or you have to use their cloth vendor,” he says. “That alone, that we are super flexible that way, I think that is very unique. Most venues, at some point, you have to use one of their vendors for something.”

Warehouse 37 does, however, offer a preferred vendor list for those that do not have their own vendors. There are quite a few inclusions in the rental of the facility too. This includes tables and chairs as well as infrastructure like the audio and public address system, microphones, surround sound and lighting that would be necessary for any event.

Venue Manager Alexa Mickler says Warehouse 37 offers a lot that other venues do not. “You have choices. That’s the biggest thing. Such as our mobile walls. You can choose how big or small you want it,” she says.

Cochran points to the bride and groom rooms as yet another thing that makes the facility stand out from others. “We have one of the nicer bride rooms, and our groom’s room will probably be the coolest groom’s room in Indy. It has a sports theme and has authentic Colts training lockers in it. One of them could have even been Peyton Manning’s locker,” he suggests.

Listing off other things Warehouse 37 offers that most wedding facilities do not is a grand exit for the bride and groom and a first-class ride to their final destination. “The limo or Mercedes will actually back into the reception hall, and they can get in there for the whole party to say goodbye and throw rice at them or whatever. It will actually be indoors as they pull out, which is pretty unique,” says Cochran who says he doesn’t know of any other wedding hall or venue that can accommodate a limo inside.

Warehouse 37:Mickler points out a lot of venues have bathrooms that are portable trailers whereas Warehouse 37 has custom-designed men’s and women’s rooms that are a highlight of the venue, making their center upscale and comfortable for guests.

But there’s one more area in which Cochran says his event center will beat out others. “Our competitive price because we feel like the public is really being gouged honestly. And we feel like we can come in at a super competitive price, save them money and still have a top-notch venue,” he says. “We’ll be cheaper than most of them. Not because we’re a cheap facility because we’re not. It’s still an expensive building and expensive grounds, but [it’s] our competitive price. Our events will be second to none.”

Rest assured that events will be cleaner than most as Mickler says the warehouse will be sterilized, using Steramist, after each event. Steramist is used in hospitals, nursing homes and in Eli Lilly buildings.

Warehouse 37 is centrally located in Hamilton County to attract people from all over the area and close to hotels for family and friends that are traveling in for a wedding or event.

Normally open by appointment only, the public will get a chance to tour the facility during a two-day Open House held April 14-15 from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Providing a great facility and superior service is key to the new event center, according to Cochran. “We’re going to be yes to everything. When people say, ‘Can you?’ our answer is always going to be yes!”Warehouse 37: