UFit Offers A Smart Approach To Nutrition And Exercise

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November 2018


UFit North is one of Carmel’s newest fitness studios, and it might be its most interesting. Brand new equipment, including a leg press machine and a power rack, line the north side of the facility. Turn around and you’ll see a strip of artificial turf running along the south side. In the back? A 3D body scanner that extracts millions of measurements within 2mm of accuracy and reconstructs a client’s body in three dimensions to allow that client to visualize their progress.

But owner Molly Perry is who really sets UFit North apart from the competition. Perry spent UFit Offers A Smart Approach To Nutrition And Exercisemost of her adult life struggling with weight. She bounced from gym to gym, diet to diet, endurance event to endurance event. She even completed a half Iron Man in 2012. “I stepped on the scale after months of preparing for that race, and my heart sank. I somehow managed to gain weight,” she said.

It wasn’t until late 2014 that Perry found what she was looking for: UFit, a gym in Greenwood, Indiana. “No one had ever taken the time to explain to me the interplay between nutrition and exercise. And no one had ever explained to me that cardio – by itself – wasn’t accomplishing what I thought it was.” So with the help and guidance of her trainers at UFit, Perry cut down on the cardio, ratcheted up the weight training and developed a healthy and realistic nutritional plan.

“I was shocked,” Perry said. “Not just at the weight loss but at how much better I felt and how much stronger I was physically, mentally and emotionally.” All told, Perry lost over 80 pounds, and she found her passion in life.

“So many people struggle with this, and there’s so much information out there that it can be overwhelming. And I wanted to help educate people.” So she partnered with UFit and opened a location in Carmel.

Education is something that comes naturally to Perry – she spent 15 years as a junior high math teacher and curriculum coach. Now she’s bringing those skills to the gym. “Our philosophy is 360-degree fitness,” she said. “We want to teach our clients everything they need to know, so at some point, they won’t need us anymore. They’ll be able to live a healthy, fit lifestyle on their own with the tools and knowledge we give them.”

UFit North provides new clients with access to the 3D body scanner, so they can visualize their changing body shape and composition. Perry calls these changes “little victories” along the way to a healthier lifestyle. Clients are also paired with a personal trainer who helps craft nutritional and fitness plans tailored to fit each client’s particular needs. Workout sessions are typically about an hour a piece and can range anywhere from 1-5 days a week.

Regardless of which package a client selects, Perry promises this: “We’re here for our clients. Whether it’s just checking in via text message or helping a client meal prep, we want to be their accountability partners. We want them to succeed. And, ultimately, we want to get them to a place where they can walk out of our gym equipped with the knowledge and confidence necessary for them to succeed on their own.”

Molly Perry can be contacted at 317-983-4487 or ufitnorth.com. UFit is located at 1119 S. Range Line Road in Carmel and also has locations in Greenwood and Plainfield.