Tuning In Indiana

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Here are some local, Indiana based podcasts that talk about everything from local news to design

Writer / Demi Lawrence

Larry in Fishers1468252239___LarryLannan

Larry Lannan, founder of his own podcast LarryInFishers, has been delivering news to Fishers residents since 2012. He releases audio podcasts weekly, but he updates his website with Fishers news and columns daily. Writing for many different publications before, Larry is an award-winning journalist with experience in government service. Larry has two main subject matters on which he does podcasts: Arts & Fishers Podcasts as well as Tax Podcasts. He does other podcasts, but on his website LarryinFishers.com, these subjects have their own tabs. If you’re interested in a different perspective on the local news around Fishers, be sure to go over to Larry’s website and check out his news as well as his podcasts!

Kristi Lee

1468252227___KristiLeeKnown best for her work on the infamous “Bob and Tom Show,” Kristi Lee’s podcasts are all about people. Well-versed in the radio world, Kristi has done podcasts on people such as Drew Powell from “Gotham,” local radio icon Jimmy “Mad Dog” Matis and IMS President Doug Boles. Kristi has also worked in television and sports and at one point co-hosted the weekly “Full Court Press,” which focuses on the NBA and the Pacers. She updates her website, kristileenews.com, weekly with new podcasts aimed to give news about entertainment in central Indiana.

Obsessed with Design1468252211___JoshMilesObsessedwithDesign3

Obsessed with Design is an Indianapolis podcast that focuses on all aspects of design. Whether you’re an architect, an amateur artist or just interested in design, this podcast talks about it all. Founder Josh Miles started Obsessed with Design in March 2016 as a way of discussing design ideas with different people in the design world. So far, Josh has had many well-respected people on his show, such as Paula Scher, Debbie Millman and Michael Bierut, just to name a few. You can find Josh’s podcasts at obsessedshow.com or on iTunes as well where he uploads new design driven shows every week.

Pete the Planner

1468252252___PetethePlanner2If you combined comedy with learning how to keep your finances in check, you’d get television personality and financial expert Pete Dunn. Also known as “Pete the Planner,” he hosts his own popular radio show on 93.1 WIBC FM along with his two seasons of weekly finance podcasts available to view on his website, petetheplanner.com. Working on his second season of podcasts titled “The Million Dollar Plan,” Pete features everyday people talking about everyday financial issues. Pete gives not only the person advice, but gives those who are listening advice as well. He makes typically “boring” financial talk funny and entertaining by dialing in on his entertainment and television experience. If you’re looking for guidance in finances or just looking for a laugh, check out Pete’s podcasts and blog!

DK New Media1468252179___dkmedia

DK New Media specializes in helping people in all aspects of marketing, from business and product issues to helping others develop their marketing strategies. Founder and CEO Douglas Karr also is in charge of Marketing Technology Blog, a blog that gives information on marketing as well as the technology behind it all. The podcasts are paired with the Marketing Technology Blog and often feature marketing experts as they talk about anything and everything marketing. DK New Media is much more than just a blog with podcasts though. It’s real help for anyone looking to expand their knowledge on marketing and anyone looking for marketing advice. DK New Media updates their blog every few days or so with new podcast interviews coming out monthly at marketingtechblog.com/interviews.

Good Beer Hunting

1468252189___goodbeerhunting2Good Beer Hunting has been doing podcasts for over two years with over 80 episodes to date on owners of breweries near and far. Michael Kiser, the brains behind this production, has several goals with his podcasts: to help breweries plan their portfolios, develop new brands and connect with their audience of drinkers. Good Beer Hunting is a collection of Michael’s adventures around the country and even around the world, meeting with brewers and discussing craft beer. With their mission statement simply being “We Serve Beer,” Good Beer Hunting is for any and all beer aficionados. You can find the podcasts at goodbeerhunting.com/gbh-podcast.