Tre on Main: Setting the Stage for a New Era of Italian Cuisine and Ambiance

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Tre on Main

April 2024

This month, Carmel Monthly is thrilled to feature Carmel resident Chris Evans, the visionary behind the renowned Sangiovese Ristorante, and his exciting new venture, Tre, on this month’s cover.

New to Carmel’s culinary scene, Evans and his staff are celebrating the grand opening of Tre, located at 10 E. Main Street. This vibrant eatery marks the third venture from Evans and is the crowning jewel in Evans’ culinary portfolio, boasting a spacious 4,800-square-foot layout with seating for 120 indoors and 50 outdoors, including a private dining area and a well-appointed bar. While the menu will showcase its own distinctive flair, it will pay homage to classic Italian cuisine, a signature characteristic of Sangiovese’s offerings.

Tre on Main

A Commitment to Excellent Cuisine

Established in 1994, Sangiovese Ristorante is a family-owned and operated establishment dedicated to delivering authentic Italian cuisine and dynamic atmospheres. The opening of Tre is a testament to Evans’ unwavering commitment to offering superior service, complemented by lively ambiance and excellent cuisine.

Derived from the Italian word for “three,” Tre symbolizes the third installment under the Sangiovese Enterprises umbrella. Tre on Main aims to uphold the tradition of providing a distinguished dining experience, complete with elevated cuisine and an extensive selection of Italian wines.

Tre will be overseen by wine connoisseur and Puglia native Francesco Settanni, with culinary direction provided by Executive Chef Oscar Perez. The restaurant will also feature a bespoke art series titled “La Vita” by acclaimed artist Jason Myers, further enhancing the stunning interior décor.

La Perfezione!

“I think this is the best corner that was available in Indiana for a restaurant,” Evans expressed. “I’ve said that a couple of times and truly believe it. What has been happening in downtown Carmel is unbelievable. It’s bustling, and Main Street in Carmel is the best street to be on in Central Indiana. It’s phenomenal.”

Evans shared that he moved to Carmel when his first son was born.

“There is no better place to raise a family,” Evans said. “The schools are phenomenal, and now we’ve got great restaurants, culture, and it’s this perfect little bubble … it works.”

When asked what it means to be the anchor restaurant for the 1st on Main project, Evans said, “It’s an amazing spot, and I’m excited about what [former Carmel Mayor] Brainard did and pulled off … it worked. This building looks like it’s been here 80 years or so, and it will be here for 200-plus years. It doesn’t feel cookie-cutter because it’s not.”

The Uniquely Exceptional Design of Tre

Evans discussed the distinctions between his designs for the two Sangiovese Ristorante locations and Tre.

“I designed the two Sangiovese [locations] different from one another, which is strange, but I like design and get easily bored [with design],” Evans shared. “I say Sangiovese at Ironworks is the dark, sexy date night spot, and the Fishers location is still an awesome date night spot, but it’s a little brighter and more airy … there’s a lot of windows. Moving here to Carmel, it’s a completely different design. Tre is a passion project that I put more time and energy into. We’re trying to hit people on every single one of their senses, from the materials, lighting package and food. I have a one-of-a-kind custom art package that was created for this restaurant by Jason Myers, who’s world-renowned. I’ve known Jason for about 17 years. He came up with the theme ‘La Vita,’ which means ‘life.’ I didn’t see any of his artwork [for Tre] until it was hung because I know Jason’s work and I wanted to be surprised.”

Tre on Main

Evans continued, “The food is still 100% Italian, but we’re representing it in a different manner and taking it up a couple of notches. We’re doing a split bone-in ribeye served alla Fiorentina style, and we’ll have risotto carbonara and caviar [on the menu]. We’re doing what we already do but presenting it differently, from the finishes to the way it’s plated. We’ve brought in a great chef [Perez], and I’ve been collecting wine for this restaurant for two years. We’ve got wines for everybody, and special wines for our wine enthusiasts that will shine! We want people to come here and be mesmerized by what we do, and we want them to walk away feeling full of life. Everyone’s alive, but they’re not all living. Life is an amazing thing, and if we can offer people a two-hour vacation when they come in from the stress of their lives, and they can sit down, put their phones down, and enjoy the experience, that’s what we strive to offer.”

Access to Tre on Main is through the main entrance located off of Range Line Road. The entrance to Tre is distinguished by its extravagant signature blue doors located to the left of the foyer. Adjacent to the 1st on Main building is an attached parking garage for convenience.

Tre on Main will welcome guests seven days a week from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. and anticipates the hiring of 35 new team members. Individuals interested in joining the team can apply online or contact Francesco Settanni at [email protected]. Join us in extending a warm welcome to Evans and savoring an authentic and unique dining experience at Tre!

For additional details or to make reservations, please visit or call (317) 757-5913.