Giving Back to Those Who Have Given So Much

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June 2020

Like all of its fellow businesses, Tony’s Steaks and Seafood of Indianapolis has been impacted by the COVID-19 closures and, most recently, significant exterior damage by rioters to its Indianapolis location the weekend of May 29, 2020. The extent of the damage forced Tony Ricci, proprietor of Tony’s Steaks and Seafood, to further delay the reopening of his restaurant in downtown Indy.

Fortunately, Ricci and his staff were able to reopen their gorgeous downtown location on June 19.

Giving Back to Those

How Ricci’s Generosity Has Benefited the Carmel Community

Throughout 2019, you may have read our articles on a unique collaboration between Tony’s Steaks and Seafood of Indianapolis, Carmel Travel Company and Carmel Monthly that has benefitted the Carmel Clay Public Library Foundation (CCPL Foundation).

Ricci and his outstanding staff have been hosting themed wine-pairing dinners at their gorgeous downtown Indianapolis location for 24 people—once a quarter—with the sole purpose of supporting the digest of free children’s programs that are offered by the Carmel Clay Public Library, which the CCPL Foundation supports.

CCPL Foundation Director Elizabeth Hamilton shared, “Tony and his staff have been such incredible support to Carmel Clay Public Library Foundation. His generosity has allowed the foundation to continue to support the nearly 2,000 free programs the library offers to the community annually.”

Giving Back to Those
January cover story

Hamilton continued, “Tony recognizes we are a city without borders and are all in this together. As we support and build each other up, we are all stronger. During this time of reopening and rebuilding, my hope is all lovers of literacy will recognize Tony’s commitment to supporting our community and will give back to him and his staff by visiting Tony’s regularly and often.”

A Man Committed to His Hoosier Community

Ricci shared with us that his family moved from Italy to Toronto, Canada, and from Toronto to Cincinnati, Ohio, in the 1970s. As a young immigrant who did not speak English, Ricci did not have access to the types of support systems that exist today, which is why he passionately supports institutions such as libraries.

“I had to use a library in order to learn English,” Ricci said. “I had to be in the library and study longer than my friends because I didn’t understand the language. There was a library right across from my school, and I spent a great amount of time there throughout my youth.”

In May 2010, Tony’s of Cincinnati opened after a long and arduous journey for Ricci. His passion, faith and perseverance, along with the support of his wife, family and friends who believed in his vision, have led him to own and operate three locations: Tony’s of Cincinnati, Tony’s of Lexington and Tony’s of Indianapolis, which opened in 2018.

“As I walk around downtown [Indianapolis] today, it’s a totally different contrast from when I looked at this city a few years ago to open my business here,” Ricci stated. “Yes, we had the opportunity to reopen and provide what we have provided [our guests] before, but there are some businesses that don’t have and may never have that opportunity. I feel the best thing for everybody to do—if we’re looking at this as to how communities can support each other—is to understand that this is the time for that level of support, and it’s needed now more than ever before.”

Ricci expressed that Indianapolis’ success is not only driven by locals but also by its convention and hospitality industries, which will take some time before those are operating at 100%.

“It would be fantastic and appreciated by all of us in the downtown area if the surrounding communities would come back downtown to support us.”

Rebuilding as One Hoosier Community

Recognizing and respectful of the concerns that people may have, Ricci expressed, “We are in this together, arm in arm. I will personally do everything I can to get together with the other businesses to bring Indianapolis back sooner rather than later. Indianapolis was very safe before. Why can’t it be again? I’m going to push forward and keep my business here because I love the city and I love what it stands for.”

Giving Back to Those

Please join us in supporting Tony’s Steaks and Seafood of Indianapolis and make your reservations today at Be sure to save the date for the Carmel Food & Wine Expo this coming Sept. 26, 2020. Tony’s will be a vendor, and you can stop by and sample some of what makes Tony’s one of Indiana’s finest restaurants while supporting Ricci and his staff, who are some of Carmel’s most generous supporters.