Thursday Pools Makes Big Splash

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Writer  /  Jimmy Girot III

As the season turns, so do our daydreams—perhaps to leisurely weekends by the pool or swimming laps under the hot summer sun. If you’re daydreaming of the perfect poolside weekend, your answer may be a world-class pool manufacturer just down the road in Fortville. Thursday Pools is an innovative fiberglass pool manufacturer making a big international splash.

Thursday Pools manufactures one piece in-ground fiberglass swimming pool shells out of its 25,000 square foot, ultra-efficient facility in Fortville, Indiana. With over 30 years of fiberglass manufacturing experience, Thursday Pools has been channeling their fiberglass expertise into the swimming pool industry.

Their vision is simple—to set the standard for high quality fiberglass swimming pools. After a brief exploration of Thursday Pools, it is clear that they are living this simple vision and truly changing their industry.

The overarching theme of Thursday Pools’ innovation is in a system they’ve developed that allows a fiberglass pool to be safely drained and still maintain a valid structural warranty. According to CFO and Co-Founder Bill Khamis, fiberglass pools are much easier to maintain, require less chemicals to maintain and are faster to install.

Fiberglass pools manufactured by Thursday Pools are equipped with two patent-pending technologies, the Geo-Hydro Valve™ and the Geo-Anchor Pool Wall™.

Together, these technologies are known as the Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System™. This system addresses two common concerns with in-ground fiberglass pools: pool floating and bulging walls. The Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System™ innovated by Thursday Pools is revolutionizing fiberglass pool construction, according to Office Manager Anne Davis who gave me an amazing tour of their world-class facility.

Another shining aspect of Thursday Pools’ processes is that all of their materials come from North America—quality and safety are far more important to Thursday Pools than costs and profitability. This commitment to quality and safety is a key element of their rapid success, success that is evident through their extensive North American presence and in their current facility expansion project.

So what factors should you consider when planning your new backyard paradise? While a lot of things come into play throughout the process, Khamis believes the most important factor is purpose. “Are you going to use it for swimming or backyard parties? Your pool’s intended purpose is an important factor to consider,” he said. No matter where your passion for poolside leisure comes from, Thursday Pools is innovating a fiberglass solution.