The Stratford Retirement Community At WestClay: Making Your New Normal Everything You Want It To Be

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August 2020

The status quo during COVID-19 emphasizes the need for distancing and separation. For senior citizens who live by themselves, this new way of life can lead to isolation. Research has shown that isolation for seniors can have adverse effects on physical and mental health.

While some remain in their homes, navigating the difficulties of daily activities such as cleaning, cooking and maintenance, senior living communities like The Stratford in The Village at WestClay have prioritized health and safety, coming up with creative ways to curb isolation and its effects for residents. The fun at this community hasn’t stopped, the dining continues to excite and healthy lifestyles flourish – your new normal is everything you want it to be.

The Stratford Retirement Community

Safety Procedures

The Stratford has adapted to life’s dramatic turn as its Members continue to live longer, healthier, happier lives. To ensure the safety of their residents, The Stratford has implemented rigorous health and safety standards for team members and permitted visitors to abide by. This includes disinfection protocols on surfaces throughout the day, daily staff and resident checks, social distancing, full transparency and updates from the community’s leadership team.

Inclusivity of services within The Stratford is what sets this community apart. This includes access to care services, social events, wellness classes, freshly prepared dining, resort-style amenities all included on-site. “The biggest benefit of having everything our Members need within our community is that they don’t need to leave and unnecessarily put themselves at risk during these uncertain times.” says Sam Carrillo, executive director at The Stratford.

Activities and Events

Within the community, Social Director, Joe Green and Wellness Director, Christina Hooks head up their programming team. This dream team is dedicated to incorporating the seven
dimensions of wellness (physical, social, environmental, spiritual occupational, emotional and intellectual) into their residents daily and weekly schedules. “Staying active through social events and physical wellness are extremely important”, says Green “when you take away some of these pillars, fear, depression and isolation fill those voids. Think of it as a teepee, seven branches together make up the frame and when you take away one or two it may still stand but it will not be as strong or stable.”

The Stratford Retirement Community

Throughout the past few months the community has safely hosted a variety of events where staff have visited homes wearing costumes, residents going head-to-head during couples game nights, live music outdoor happy hour, and most recently “State Fair Week” with a slew of themed activities. While the wellness team has welcomed residents to small group courtyard workouts, socially distanced scenic walks, outdoor tai chi, stretching classes and more. “It is important to maintain not only your mental health but also your physical health. In times of such unknown having a dedicated time to exercise can be a sense of normalcy” says Hooks.

Dining Experience

In addition to an extensive social and wellness calendar, the community’s full-service dining team makes mealtime and grocery shopping easy. Their menus are personalized for their residents tastes, small and large menu items include starters, soups, salads, sides, casual eats and rotating specials. Residents choose the meals they want and they’re delivered freshly prepared to their home with no need to maneuver through crowded grocery store isles and checkout lines. However, if they’re craving their favorite snacks or want to prepare a meal at home, the dining department offers grocery delivery twice per week, with their requested items dropped off right at their doors.

The Stratford Retirement Community

As a Continuing Care Retirement Community, The Stratford provides a sense of comfort in knowing that as a resident’s needs change, there is never a need to relocate. Moving is a
stressful time regardless of the circumstances, but with the community’s various levels of care, Residents never have to worry about moving again. The community’s staff is composed of compassionate and caring healthcare heroes whose goal is to help each resident live a longer, healthier, happier life. Having access to the care that is required and inclusivity of amenities/services within their own home without leaving is a true benefit of this retirement community.

The “new normal” at The Stratford is everything you want it to be. An entire community of dedicated professionals providing an exceptional and safe experience. There’s no better time topivot into this all-inclusive lifestyle that aligns with your needs and desires. To learn more about The Stratford, call their Lifestyle Advisors at (317) 733-9560 or visit