The Rock Doctor Makes Housecalls

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As our homes age, so do our granite, marble and quartz countertops. While stone countertops may seem impermeable, they do in fact absorb water and chemicals from cleaning products. General use and cleaning will slowly cause them to lose their luster and shine. Stone countertops are durable but can easily be damaged as they are typically installed in highly used areas. The good news, there is an affordable way to bring your existing countertops back to life. The prescription is to call the doctor, “The Rock Doctor” that is.

The Rock Doctor is a new service concept launched by Neil Ferguson and Brandon Wilson, two individuals highly experienced and dedicated in the home improvement field. With over 6,000 stone countertops installed, Brandon realized the need for ongoing maintenance and care. The company has focused solely on service to ensure customers can revitalize their countertops instead of more expensive replacement options.

Neil and Brandon explained that with hard water typically found in central Indiana, calcification of stone countertops is inevitable and causes unsightly water spots around our fixtures and sinks. They also emphasized the need for continual maintenance, specifically around our cooktops as oils and frequent cleaning cause these and other areas to become discolored or dull. In addition to revitalizing countertops, The Rock Doctor can remove stains, repair chips, cracks, and seams. Have you ever wanted to upgrade your old kitchen faucet, sink or appliance with a new stylish design but afraid you would have to replace your countertops to do so? The Rock Doctor can affordably adjust your existing countertop to accommodate your improvements.

If your stone countertops are in the need of repair, polishing or adjustment, one phone call is all it takes. Naturally it will vary depending on the size and condition, but The Rock Doctor’s in home treatment for at 40-50 sq. ft. counter takes approximately an hour and a half and the average cost is $300. Don’t take your countertops for granite.