The Mercedes Monumental Classic Car Show Comes to Carmel

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July/August 2023

The Mercedes Monumental Collector Car Show at “Artomobilia, The Art of the Automobile” will take place on the streets of downtown Carmel, Indiana, on Saturday, September 9 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The event will feature more than 50 unique Mercedes-Benz collector cars and the Mercedes Corral, where guests can display their favorite Mercedes-Benz. Artomobilia attracts more than 25,000 attendees and displays more than 350 cars of various kinds each year.

The Mercedes Monumental

Additionally, the 2023 Mercedes Grande, presented by the Mercedes-Benz Club of America, will provide an exhilarating list of weekend events in both Carmel and Indianapolis that will highlight the brand and evolving club while displaying historic local venues for its events throughout the Indianapolis area.

A Club That Transcends Car Ownership

The President of the Indiana Crossroads Section of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America, Roger Brummett, and Mercedes-Benz Club of America Executive Director Kathryn “Katie” Carruth spoke to Carmel Monthly about collaborating with the Artomobilia organizers as well as about the direction in which the MBCA is going as the brand is attracting new and younger generations of Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts.

“The [Mercedes-Benz] Club itself is a group of enthusiasts around the brand and marque,” Carruth explained. “It’s my vision and opinion that the club transcends even ownership of vehicles. What makes this job fascinating and fun is what Mercedes is doing as a whole, investing their resources, time and money into the future. It’s a sustainable future that makes a ton of sense, maybe not for today but for five years down the road. It’s a fun company to be an ambassador for. As we see the changes in what fuels automobiles, specifically in F1 and motorsports in North America, I think we will collect more fans in addition to classic car collectors. That will make the club a very encompassing group of people that are quite literally ambassadors and enthusiasts for a brand that has stood the test of time.”

Carruth and Brummett are excited to bring this year’s Mercedes Grande to the crossroads of America for the first time.

“Roger has done an absolutely stellar job at putting together a world-class event,” Carruth stated. “It will be right in the heart of our country. I anticipate that this event will just grow and grow for MBCA and for Carmel and Indianapolis as a whole.”

A Shared Passion for Automobiles and First-Class Shows

Brummett shared the story of how he, Artomobilia Event Director John Leonard, and a committee of car enthusiasts came together well over a decade ago and organized an impressive car show on Monument Circle when Formula 1 was racing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

“John [Leonard] and I have a lot of history together,” Brummett said. “We started out at White River Park, and then we moved the event to Monument Circle where we had crowds approaching 60,000 people for a one-day event that was free to the public. When Formula 1 left town, the show went dormant. Then for the last 13-plus years, John [Leonard] has done a spectacular job in creating the infrastructure, technology and communication capabilities, making Artomobilia a first-class operation.”

Brummett agreed to be the national event chair for Mercedes Grand, which is debuting in Carmel and Indianapolis this September.

The Mercedes Monumental

“It’s a big lift to pull it off and bring it to the Midwest,” Brummett shared. “When John offered up the opportunity to embed the Mercedes Monumental into Artomobilia, it took me less than 5 seconds to say, ‘Yes.’ And we’ve been plotting and planning since then.”

Brummett concluded, “We purposely picked historic facilities and venues that will display well for guests coming into the city. There will also be a private tour of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway [that weekend]. Literally, from the time a person gets here, there are ways for them to be engaged in a variety of events, to be educated, to experience Indianapolis and Carmel, and to drive through the Indiana countryside. It’s going to be a fun and expressive event!”

The Mercedes Monumental

For tickets and event information on the 2023 Mercedes Grande, visit, and for a complete list of events at this year’s Artomobilia Weekend, visit

2023 Mercedes Grande Events:

Rally Drive


Fashion Show

Car Show

Tech Talks

Celebration Dinner

Lifestyle Exhibition

Kids Zone

Medallion Rally Luncheon

Silo Racing Simulator

Memorial Tour

Museum Tour