The Guilded Leaf Book & Author Evening Has a New Home!

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September 2022

The Book & Author Evening will be held for the first time at the Main Library at 425 E Main Street. This sophisticated event takes place on Wednesday, October 19, and features book talks, signings and an online silent auction along with appetizers, wine and craft beer. At the Book and Author Luncheon on Thursday, October 20, at the Ritz Charles, the authors will share insights into their lives and their writing. A raffle, online silent auction and book signings will also take place at the luncheon.

Guilded Leaf Book & Author Evening

An Inaugural Event for the New Community Room

CCPL Foundation Director Elizabeth Hamilton spoke about this year’s Guilded Leaf Book & Author Evening being the inaugural event in the newly constructed Community Room.

“This will be the first event that will be held in our new Community Room,” Hamilton proudly stated. “It will be a catered event, and the authors will speak to 200 of our guests. It will be just like past [Book & Author Evening] events, but it is coming home to the [CCPL] library. The Book & Author Luncheon will have the same format that we’ve had in the past, with the six authors speaking to 500 guests. Ice Miller is this year’s sponsor of the evening event, and Pierce Jewelers is the jewelry sponsor. Carmel Monthly is our media sponsor, and Printing Partners is our printing partner for both events again this year.”

The Impact of These Two Annual Events

For those who have attended these two annual events in previous years, you already know how much fun the evening event is and how extraordinary the luncheon is the following day. For those who are considering attending this year, it is guaranteed that you will enjoy the authors and their presentations as well as the food, drinks and time spent with fellow supporters of the library.

Although these are all valid reasons to attend these two events, there is an even more important purpose behind each ticket purchased.

Carmel library events

“Every dollar raised at these events goes towards the cost of programming at the Carmel [Clay Public] Library,” Hamilton shared. “And with the expansion of our main branch, moving into 2023, we know that we’ll have expanded programming for the community. Just before the pandemic, we were offering just over 2,000 free programs to the community, and we were touching just over 70,000 people through our [free] programs alone. Going into 2023, we know that we will touching even more of the community and the surrounding areas, as all of our free programs are available to not just the Carmel residents but to everyone who comes to these programs. We want to benefit as many people as possible, and so, every dollar raised at these events goes towards that programming budget.”

Hamilton added, “It truly is an opportunity to impact everyone in central Indiana through the [free] programming that the library is able to offer and is CCPL’s opportunity to truly make a difference.”

Don’t miss this year’s Guilded Leaf Book & Author Events! Join us for an unforgettable evening in the new Community Room for the Book & Author Evening and then the following day for an exquisite Book & Author Luncheon at the Ritz Charles in Carmel!

For more information about the Guilded Leaf Book and Author Events, call 317.814.3905 or email [email protected]. For more information on the Carmel Clay Public Library, visit

Guilded Leaf Book & Author Evening