The Art of the Mingle: Practiced and Perfected

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November 2022

The winter holiday season with all its glorious aromas, chiming, and ringing is permeating life full tilt.
With the hustle and bustle nearing its peak, the calendars quickly filling, and spare time dwindling, there
remains a cluster of boxes to check and places to be. In all the swirl, we often recklessly forget to make
space for ourselves, and the maintenance we need to be our best and make the most of these oh-so-
valuable moments.

Stratford Living in Carmel

It’s no wonder many of us haven’t the capacity to refine our social behaviors. If given the time, energy,
and direction, most of us can benefit from a refresher course on the Art of the Mingle. The mingle as
we’re calling it, is the art of exhibiting societal norms when hosting or attending social gatherings. It’s
simply being prepared for holiday gatherings and displaying the kindness and general humanity we all

Blame social media, excessive screen time, or a global pandemic, there’s a concerning decline in the
general professional level of the mingle seen in these past few years. Let’s examine why our mingle
game is suffering and what we can do to fix it.

First, consider the overwhelming stressors of hosting a holiday bash. It’s typically not the host who is
having the most fun, as too many demands are in constant flux, pulling them in all directions. The
preparations began days or weeks before the event. With cleaning, food preparations, shopping,
planning, fighting with traffic, high gas prices, unsavory hand gestures, crowded isles at the grocery
store, who has food allergies and who doesn’t eat pickled beets, it’s too much.

This is only the beginning. What about the gathering itself, and the mingling? The greeting, half hug or
full hug, handshake, or head nod, one cheek kiss or two cheeks. Let’s not get into mistletoe mishaps and
conversational curveballs.

To better equip ourselves for our next gathering, let’s look no further than the good people over at The
Stratford. They’re an exemplary example. 1. the incredibly well-prepared team knows how to properly
host big social events. 2. The Members have the mingle covered. Their secret, they’ve eliminated many
of the stressors, leaving behind the burdens of cooking, cleaning, shopping, and decorating. We all know
time is valuable and when we consider the number of holidays we get to spend with our most cherished
loved ones, it becomes priceless.

The Stratford is stuffed with expert minglers, top-tier socialites, and all happy people. Their never-
ending social calendar lends to the Member’s daily opportunities to keep their mingle game sharp. Not
only grandiose holiday celebrations but sporting competitions, carnivals, outings, local theater shows,
in-house entertainment, chef table demonstrations, wine tastings, you name it. With constant exposure
to so many social settings, it’s no wonder, The Stratford Members are on the must-have invite list.
Their expert advice, do what we can to eliminate some of the stressors and focus on our mingle, it will
be returned in happiness and time well spent with loved ones.

Stratford Living in Carmel

“Beyond measure, The Stratford had the overall best of everything! The apartments are stunning, the
dining area is beautiful, and the food is delicious! The Members are delightful and every time I’m there
visiting my mom, I am reminded how grateful we are that she is living at The Stratford!” – Mary B.

The Stratford is Carmel Indiana’s premiere luxury retirement community providing a lifestyle where
Members live Longer, Healthier, and Happier lives. In addition to hosting incredible holiday celebrations,
signature events, and a year-round calendar of shenanigans, there’s a full continuum of care on-site, so
there’s never a need to move again.

Speak with a Lifestyle Advisor to schedule a tour or visit the website for more information Stratford-
to take your first step in becoming a top-tier mingler.