Sweep Away Cancer Calls On Carmel to Help Its Cause

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October 2019

As many of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and in the spirit of supporting those who are fighting the good fight and in memory of those who lost their valiant battles with the despicable disease, a local organization, Sweep Away Cancer, has collaborated with local Carmel businesses—including Carmel Monthly—to raise awareness and funds throughout the entire month.

The Face Behind the Cause

Leading the charge is Carmel resident Darin Bibeau. Bibeau is one of the co-founders of Sweep Away Cancer, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that was founded by Tommy Nelms, Mark Stoner and Bibeau in September of 2015.

Sweep Away Cancer

These gentlemen established Sweep Away Cancer as a means to provide aid for individuals fighting cancer by assisting with financial or other critical needs that many diagnosed with cancer struggle to maintain for a litany of reasons.

Bibeau, president and owner of National Chimney, is also a military veteran, formerly with the USCG Deployable Special Forces Team 401. National Chimney is the premier manufacturer of stainless steel liner and components.

“After I left the Coast Guard, I began contracting overseas in southeastern Asia,” Bibeau said. “After a few years, I came back to the U.S. and hooked up with my business partner, Martin “Marty” Fuller. At that time, there was one-and-a-half locations of National Chimney, and our goal was to grow the business.”

Bibeau and Fuller chose to open a factory in the Midwest. Today, National Chimney has three Indianapolis locations and nine total locations throughout the nation.

“I have lived in Carmel for about 15 years, and my wife, Johnica, and I built a home on Main Street five years ago near the Arts & Design District in Carmel. We have been involved with local fundraisers and events in Carmel, including PorchFest, and Johnica is heavily involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana.”

How Sweep Away Cancer Helps Those in Need

Bibeau and his co-founders of Sweep Away Cancer have pulled their industry resources over the years to serve those who are fighting cancer or have family and friends—in the chimney-related industry—who are battling cancer. Sweep Away Cancer also serves those who are not associated in any way to the chimney-related industry but have reached out to Sweep Away Cancer for grants that assist cancer patients with gas or transportation to get to and from treatment and doctors’ appointments, paying bills and/or mortgages, food and other basic life necessities.

Throughout October, Sweep Away Cancer and a few like-minded Carmel businesses will be fundraising to raise money for the grants that will improve the lives of the applicants.

“I am a devout patron of Anthony’s Chophouse in Carmel,” Bibeau admitted. “Anthony [Lazzara]—the owner—jumped on board with our charity after he expressed his interest in getting involved with a charity that supports breast cancer, and I told him, ‘I have one,’ and the conversation and planning went on from there.”

Bibeau shared that Lazzara has put together a private dinner for 24 that will feature a seven-course meal paired with wines from Williamson Winery out of California.

“Anthony is donating 100% of the dinner proceeds to Sweep Away Cancer,” Bibeau said. “In addition to that, Anthony’s Chophouse and 3UP—Lazzara’s high-end rooftop bar—will be offering a themed signature drink all month long on their menus and will be donating 100% of those proceeds to the charity as well.”

Bibeau also shared that Kevin “KP” Paul, owner of Danny Boy Beer and Distilling Works and Brockway Public House, along with his general manager, Barry Miller, are not only donating the spirits that will be used in the “signature drink” offered at Anthony’s Chophouse and 3UP but Paul and Miller will also be participating in the fundraising efforts by donating a portion of Danny Boy Beers and hosting special events at both locations.

Sweep Away Cancer fundraising efforts by hosting special events at both Danny Boy and Brockway on specific days. Information about those events are on the businesses’ respective websites.

“There are plenty of opportunities to participate and/or donate,” Bibeau said. “The donations made go directly to the people impacted by cancer. Living in Carmel, I have met and continue to meet so many remarkable people that are either patrons of small businesses or small business owners who are always willing to give back and help make a difference. I’ve witnessed this time and again here in Carmel. I don’t know one person who can tell me that they don’t know someone affected by cancer. This fundraiser is all about raising money that helps make life a little easier on those dealing with cancer, and what more appropriate month to raise awareness and funds than October.”

For more information on Sweep Away Cancer or to make an online donation, visit sweepawaycancer.com.