Special Section: Health Wellness & Beauty

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November 2018


This month’s Special Section centers on Health Wellness and Beauty as the annual holiday rush begins in earnest. In this section you will find a wide range of providers to help you navigate what can be a wonderful time of the year, but also somewhat stressful. Our section offers a wide range of advice; from a local psychologist group on how to handle the stress of the holidays, to spas offering to add a little joy to your life during the holidays by pampering yourself with wonderful body and beauty treatments, to a local ophthalmology group providing information on the newest developments in surgical eye care. We hope you enjoy this section and the holidays.


From Cardiac to Cosmetic, Essence MD Treats the Whole Person

Writer // Ann Cinnamon • Photography // Theresa Skutt

Imagine a medical practice devoted to keeping patients healthy on both the inside and the outside – one that proactively manages health issues to help patients feel their best, while at the same time, helping them look their best. Imagine no more because that is the concept behind EssenceMD in Carmel.

EssenceMD was created by Dr. John Fry, a board-certified cardiologist, who had had a long career, both with St. Vincent Hospital and in private practice, treating people who were often critically ill. He decided the next phase of his career would take a different direction.

It started with my own interest in health and wellness for myself while in medical training, and then, as a cardiologist, seeing the stream of patients at the end of the line after already having all these issues and not taking care of themselves,” he says. “Although satisfying to be able to take care of people, I really wanted to start focus ing on prevention, and I’m now able to do it full time.” Dr. Fry says that it is estimated about 80% of cardiac disease is preventable along with a lot of other chronic diseases.
Dr. Fry describes his unique boutique medical practice as two-sided. “The concept I had in mind in starting it was complete wellness, both inside and outside. When people feel good about themselves, including their appearance, they make better health choices; they often eat better, take care of themselves, and have more confidence, which usually translates to lower stress levels. All of these things help with general wellness,” says Dr. Fry. He explains that the idea is to not only help people with their weight, diet, cardiovascular risk, and hormone optimization but also to work on their appearance and anti-aging. “Looking good and feeling great – that’s the concept,” he says.

On the medical side of the practice, Dr. Fry focuses attention towards heart disease prevention, anti-aging, bio identical hormone replacement therapy and optimizations, as well as general wellness, which encompasses such things as weight management, exercise, and stress levels.Special Section: Health Wellness & Beauty

Identifying risk factors is an important part of the program, and Dr. Fry develops a personalized risk profile for patients using nonmodifiable factors such as family history and genetics along with modifiable factors like weight, diet, blood chemistry, cholesterol, hormone levels, and lifestyle issues like smoking.

Dr. Fry then uses the initial assessment and exam along with diagnostic testing to put the patient’s plan in place. “We then monitor how the patient is following and responding to the plan with periodic reassessment to see if it’s working,” he says.

The aesthetic side of the practice offers a full range of non-surgical services, such as facial rejuvenation and skin health, injectables such as Botox and fillers, laser resurfacing, hair removal, and PDO thread lifts, which is a new and very popular procedure that uses surgical threads to lift skin and remove wrinkles.

EssenceMD also offers noninvasive body contouring like coolsculpting and Trusculpt, which uses either cold or heat to destroy fat, and an injectable called Sculptra which is used for body shaping.

Dr. Fry is quick to point out that EssenceMD is a boutique medical practice and not a medical spa. As the practice’s full-time physician, Dr. Fry is onsite at all times, and also performs many of the treatments. In addition, he handpicked his staff of expert providers in the field of dermatology and plastic surgery, each board certified in their field of specialty.

EssenceMD also requires its staff to complete additional certification with national field trainers under the medical direction of Dr. Fry If you’re wondering whether EssenceMD is right for you, Dr. Fry says any adult interested in taking care of themselves is a prime candidate. Additionally, anyone suffering from severe fatigue, stress, depression, lack of energy, weight gain, inability to sleep, or other types of constitutional symptoms would benefit as well.

“Those are folks we would screen for underlying problems. Instead of treating the disease, we like to treat the cause of the disease. Take people with high blood pressure for example. There are a lot of other things that can be done instead of just putting you on a pill,” he says adding that diet, exercise, stress management, and certain supplements can help people. “Anybody can be my patient,” says Dr. Fry.
EssenceMD offers VIP memberships to patients who would like full access to physician services anytime, complimentary consultations with aesthetic providers, and significant savings on all services, injectables, and products. If you are interested in learning how to look good and feel your best – EssenceMD might be right for you

EssenceMD is located at 13250 Hazel Dell Pkwy, Suite 101, in Carmel. Make an appointment or get more information by calling 317-581-1212 or sending a message through [email protected].


Your Home For Enrichment of Body and Soul

As we all know, our world has unfortunately become more hectic, hostile and impersonal. While we have never needed it more, many of us seem to make less and less time to nourish and replenish our body and soul. If this sounds all to familiar, Silver Door Spa, located in the Carmel City Center, can help change all that. As soon as you open the door to Silver Door Spa, owner Jessica Crick-Garcia and her staff will begin the process of making you feel welcome, relaxed and as if you had just found a new home when they immediately offer you a robe, hot tea and a neck wrap.

Garcia has been a registered esthetician for eleven years. Five years ago, she began working as an employee at Silver Door Spa. From the start she felt like she had found a home because the small environment at Silver Door Spa was conducive to building personal relationships with clients.

Garcia had worked at other spas that were sterile and impersonal before arriving at Silver Door and knew that she did not want to work in that environment. In fact, she became so connected with the spa that she actually took over ownership last April.


In addition to offering a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, Silver Door is also a full-service spa. It offers a large menu of services you might expect to find at the larger spas. Silver Door has a number of different types of facials, massages, and body treatments, in addition to offering microblading, waxing and spray tan treatments.

According to Garcia, their most popular facial is the Oxygen Lift Facial. It is the latest in skin care transformation whereby the treatment infuses oxygen, plant derived stem cells, peptides and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals in the skin leaving it feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. This luxurious service won’t disappoint as immediate results are highly noticeable.

If a little body enhancement is something you’re looking for, Silver Door provides Cavi-Lipo, Fascia Blasting and Infared BioSlimming. Cavi-Lipo was recently featured on the Dr. Oz Show and is one of the most advanced and efficient systems to breakdown fat cells. By using ultrasound, instead of freezing temperature, the process is much less painful.

Fascia Blasting is the newest in cellulite reduction. This treatment will break up fascial adhesions and smooth out the fascial sheath below the skin resulting in the appearance of diminished cellulite that lets the skin look more vibrant and muscle definition show through.

Infared BioSlimming is the newest cellulite and inch loss treatment and Silver Door is the only spa in Indiana offering the service.

Enrichment for the Soul

Garcia is an avid and active supporter of a local charity called the Global Interfaith Partnership (GIP) that is based in Carmel. For those not familiar with GIP, it has developed a program in Kenya called the Umoja Project. (Umoja means unity in Kiswahili) It builds its programs upon a foundation of people who have come together from different faith communities and different cultures to respond to the urgent needs of some of the most vulnerable children in the world. For more information go to globalinterfaithpartnership.org.

Among the services provided by GIP is feeding and educating and empowering boys and girls in Kenya. Garcia has traveled once to Kenya with GIP and plans on returning this again this year.

In order to support GIP and the pro- grams they sponsor, Garcia has pledged that 10% of the proceeds of all sales of services will be donated to GIP during the month of November. Therefore, Silver Door Spa offers an enriching body experience with one of their marvelous spa treatments while at the same time providing the opportunity to enrich your soul knowing that a portion of the cost is going to support the humanitarian work of GIP

762 S.Rangeline Road Carmel, IN Phone: 317-816-7587 www.silverdoorspa.com