Savor the Carmel Farmers Market Summer Season

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April 2024

Step into a world of fresh flavors, vibrant colors and community spirit at the 26th Annual Carmel Farmers Summer Market, where the scent of ripe produce fills the air and the lively sounds of market entertainment and friendly fellowship create an atmosphere of joy and connection.

Join us for opening day at Carter Green on Saturday, May 4, from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. as we kick off another season of celebrating locally grown and/or produced food and plant products. Amidst the bustling atmosphere, anticipate traditional favorites like the Annual Carmel Fire Department Firehouse Cookoff and special events around the 4th of July.

As we gather once again, expect nothing but the same cherished experiences that make the Carmel Farmers Summer Market a beloved community staple.

New Faces to the Summer Market

CFM Market Manager Susan Bock and her fellow committee members are excited to welcome new vendors to the summer market.

G.I. Acres

G.I. Acres, established in 1965, began with a focus on raising SPF Hampshire swine. Over time, G.I. Acres diversified into cattle and added sheep for family 4-H projects. G.I.’s ewe flock, now at 100, has evolved with genetics from Achor, Cabiness, Miller, Poe and top bucks via AI. In 2022, G.I. Acres introduced Dorpers and Suffolks to enhance carcass quality and size. G.I. Acres has expanded into farm-to-table offerings, prioritizing fresh, hormone-free lamb and free-range eggs.


U-Relish presents an artisanal, small-batch collection of nutritious meals designed for slow cooking, featuring beans, peas, lentils and grains. U-Relish’s products are vegan and gluten-free, catering to a wide range of dietary preferences. Founded by Cara Dafforn and originally located at the Old City Market until 2018, U-Relish found new ownership in 2022 under Kim and Jack Tandy.

Savor the Carmel Farmers Market

Park Wagyu

Before founding Park Wagyu Cattle, Jason Park, a former staff sergeant in the elite First Ranger Battalion of the U.S. Army, graduated from the rigorous United States Army Ranger School, known as one of the toughest leadership training courses globally. Following his military service, Jason, alongside his wife Alexandra and their children, established Park Wagyu with a commitment to providing some of the highest quality Wagyu beef available. Together, they ethically and compassionately raise and care for their cattle on their 40-acre farm.

Agua Blanca Shrimp

Agua Blanca made history by becoming the first shrimp farm in America to fully embrace biofloc technology on a commercial scale, heralding a new era in sustainable aquaculture practices. Since its inception in 2017, Agua Blanca has continually pushed the boundaries of shrimp farming. In 2021, Agua Blanca unveiled the revolutionary Shrimpbox prototypes, which have since transformed the industry by enabling shrimp cultivation in diverse climates across the globe. In 2022, Agua Blanca successfully launched its inaugural Shrimpbox farm in Indianapolis, delivering unparalleled freshness to tables nationwide.

“We have several new vendors that are new to the summer market but were at the winter market this past season, so customers and guests may be familiar with them and their products,” Bock said. “G.I. Acres is a popular lamb vendor, and he will be at the [summer] market on the first and third Saturdays every month. I’ve been told by people that I know that his lamb is fantastic.”

Bock continued, “We are also excited to have U-Relish on the second and fourth Saturdays during the market. They make crock pot meals with lentils and beans, and then you add your own protein. Park Wagyu started with us halfway through the winter market and was recommended by our former Wagyu vendor when his full-time job became too time-consuming. Park Wagyu has been fabulous and wonderfully successful in our winter market. Also full-time at our summer market will be Agua Blanca shrimp. They have a shrimp farm in downtown Indianapolis where they grow their own shrimp. We are excited to have all [72] vendors at our summer market this season!”

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