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Are you tired of the concrete around your pool deck always cracking, or the kids slipping on it or burning their feet in the hot summer? Fortunately, Rubaroc rubaroc basketball courtprovides an attractive and affordable solution to the inherent problems that can be caused by the dangers created by concrete on pool decks and a number of other areas around the house like wet garage floors and driveways.
Unlike concrete, which creates a hard impermeable surface that causes water to puddle resulting in a surface that can be slick as ice when wet, Rubaroc surfaces are made from rubber that is air and water permeable and slip resistant.   Moreover, a Rubaroc surface uses high quality colorfast rubber granules to create a beautiful, resilient, non-skid surface that is virtually indestructible.

Recently we spoke with two of Rubaroc’s local certified installers, Alex Zehr and Landon Harner.  They explained that the Rubaroc surface begins with man-made EPDM rubber granules that are ground and colored and then mixed onsite with a high polymer UV resin which is applied to the surface and then hand troweled down to the proper thickness. This surface can be installed indoors as easily outdoors.

rubarock stable floor

Rubarock stable floor

rubarock pool deck

Rubarock pool deck