Selling Real Estate Is More Than Just a Transaction: Natasha Radovich is the only real estate agent you will ever need

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March 2020

When you choose Natasha Radovich of RE/MAX Ability Plus in Carmel to sell your home, you get more than just her 16 years of real estate experience. You get more than her expertise in the Carmel, Fishers and Indianapolis north side real estate market. You get more than her unwavering loyalty to her clients. And you get more than the excitement and enthusiasm she brings to each home sale. What else do you get from Natasha? Genuine honesty.

   “Natasha is a true professional. She knows her stuff inside and out. I had Realtors in the past whose value was only getting me in the front door. Not Natasha. She will tell you her honest and open opinion. I didn’t always agree, but I always appreciated her perspective to make me think and make the best decisions possible.”

Early Life in Minsk, Belarus

Where does she get her forthright honesty and tenacious work ethic? Perhaps it was her brave and unlikely journey to America. Originally from Minsk, Belarus, Radovich came to the United States when she was only18 years old, settling in Indianapolis. It was two tragic events while she was still a child that would change her life forever and put her on the path to America. Her father was killed in a car accident when Radovich was 4 years old. Then, 12 years later, her mother succumbed to breast cancer.

Successful Career in Real Estate

A friend of Radovich’s turned out to be the unexpected inspiration for her real estate career. The friend had gotten into real estate three years earlier, and Radovich saw how successful she was. Radovich recalled thinking at the time, “If she can do it, so can I,” she said, laughing. And she HAS done it, starting in 2004, building a successful real estate business and helping her clients buy and sell everything from small starter homes to multimillion-dollar estates.

Selling Real Estate

Many of her clients these days are repeat customers and satisfied referrals. From another of her five-star reviews:

“Natasha Radovich is a great real estate professional… Thanks to the strategy that she was using in negotiating, and going an extra mile (sometimes even after hours) to ensure that all business transactions are handled in the best possible way is deeply appreciated and valued… We will be recommending her to all our friends and we will definitely ask her for help again with real estate if it is needed.”

Radovich has made herself a RE/MAX Ability Plus award winner by increasing her sales from 2018 to 2019 by 94%.

What does Radovich do that makes her such a successful real estate agent and engenders such devotion from her clients on Indy’s north side?

She asserts that staying in touch with clients through the process, being easy to reach and being very responsive are among her highest priorities.

Radovich has the benefit of an outstanding support team at RE/MAX Ability Plus. Her office staff handles many of the day-to-day aspects so she can focus her attention on her clients. Her marketing team makes sure that your home gets the best exposure, and the closing department is key through the entire closing process. Radovich’s team of highly trained closing professionals assures that your closing will go smoothly.

RE/MAX Ability Plus Carmel office

Preparing Your House for Sale

Natasha stresses the importance of having your house prepared so that it makes the best impression possible for potential buyers. “I have a list of things that need to be done prior to listing/showing a house,” she said. “De-personalizing, de-cluttering, making minor home repairs, removing your favorite items and rearranging closets and cabinets are just a few of such things” Radovich said that can make a home really shine.

An important aspect of Radovich’s commitment to professionalism when it comes to preparing a house for sale is the use of a professional photographer to artfully capture the beauty of a home, inside and out. Many home sellers make the mistake of trying to take the pictures themselves. But the images from a professional photographer can turn an average-looking house into a stunning home for an online listing that Natasha posts to hundreds of websites.

But it’s not just up to the photographer to work his or her magic. The seller can go a long way to making sure their home is ready for its close-up. Radovich spends a good amount of time ensuring that her clients are ready for the home’s photo session.

If a house needs a refresh and/or repairs, it is very important to find high-quality, affordable home improvement contractors to complete projects in a timely manner. Over the years, Natasha has developed great relationships with many contractors and home builders, a fact that is appreciated by her customers, like this one:

            “Natasha Radovich is an excellent real estate agent! Highly professional and very experienced. She is extremely well connected with home builders, lenders and tradesman. Natasha is highly accessible and works with you throughout the process. She goes above and beyond to make sure your buying process goes smoothly.”

A Real Estate Agent and a Friend

And don’t be surprised if your real estate business relationship with Natasha turns into a friendship. “I approach each client as if they are a member of my family. In many cases, my clients and I have become great friends through the real estate transaction,” she said. “As a result, I have found myself representing multiple members of the same families over the years.” Here’s what one client—turned friend—thought:

          “You have been an amazing friend through the years. I realized when I first met      you how determined you were to be at the top of your profession. You’ve exceeded         this goal. You’ve been an absolute pleasure to work with. You went beyond what is expected in your attention to details and extra time and effort with the property.”

As an immigrant herself, Radovich also has gained a loyal following with customers in the local Russian-speaking community, as well as with clients from Vietnam, Turkey, Ukraine and many of the other former Soviet republics. Natasha’s passion and integrity aren’t limited to just her real estate business, however. She also supports the community. With each home sale, Radovich contributes to Children’s Miracle Network.

So, that’s what you get when you choose Natasha Radovich of RE/MAX Ability Plus to sell your home—or buy a new one: More than a decade and a half of real estate experience, unmatched loyalty to her clients, which in turn becomes loyalty from her clients, a commitment to open communication and maybe even a new friend. Oh, and that genuine honesty too.

When you’re ready to buy or sell your home, call Natasha at RE/MAX Ability Plus, (317) 507-6878 or drop her an email at [email protected]. You’ll find a real estate agent who truly enjoys what she does. “I really enjoy interaction with people. This is what I like to do,” said Natasha. “I love to sell real estate.”