Publisher’s Note

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When you look at the cover of this month’s issue you may notice a bit of a cleaner design and the absence of any reference to the TownePost Network.

Beginning with this October issue of the Carmel Magazine and the Zionsville Magazine, we have replaced the TownePost Network as our vendor doing ad design, magazine layout and certain accounting functions. We have replaced them with a company called Collective Publishing. So expect to see that name associated more and more with our magazines in the future.

You will continue to enjoy the same great local stories written by our same team of talented writers that are led by our head writer, Janelle Morrison. You will also continue to see the same dazzling photography of JJ Kaplan as well as other local photographers.

We, Neil and Lena Lucas, have really enjoyed being the owners of the of the Carmel Magazine and Zionsville Magazine for over three years. We launched the Zionsville Community Newsletter in April 2013 and bought the Carmel Community Newsletter in October 2013, after it had experienced a rapid turnover of ownership. Under our ownership, we extended the newsletters with the Carmel Magazine and Zionsville Magazine. Under our ownership, circulation in Carmel has increased from roughly 10,000 homes to 25,000 homes.

We want to assure you that we will continue to work tirelessly to raise the quality of the magazines as we have over the past three years. Our new design team has innovative ideas to refresh the look of the magazines that we are excited to implement in the future.

We also look forward to continuing to provide the residents of Carmel and Zionsville with stories that connect you, our loyal readers for the past three years, to your neighbors and your community. Please feel free contact Neil or Lena Lucas anytime.

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