OneZone Member Spotlight: Its Business is Brands

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Jarden Home Brands, a subsidiary of Newell Brands, Inc. (formerly Newell Rubbermaid Inc.), is enjoying growth and prosperity just a little over a year since its relocation to the city of Fishers.

Jarden Home Brands was previously a subsidiary of the consumer products giant Jarden Corporation until mid-April of this year. Jarden Corporation and Newell Rubbermaid Inc. merged, creating a $16 billion entity that continues to trade on the New York Stock Exchange as “NWL.”

Jarden Home Brands offers its consumers a litany of products among its portfolio of over 120+ brands. Under the guidance of current senior management, Jarden has grown (organically and through acquisitions) into a globally recognized company.

In May 2015, Jarden Home Brands relocated to its current 637,000 square foot distribution center in Fishers from Daleville, Indiana.

Chris Scherzinger, CEO of Jarden Branded Consumables at Jarden Corporation, spoke with us about some of the better-known products, the relocation and the growth that the company has experienced in the last year.

“The origins of Jarden were originally a spinoff of the Ball Corporation into a consumer products company call Altrista in the mid-’90s that eventually became Jarden Corporation in May 2002,” Scherzinger said. “Jarden Home Brands shares a common ancestry with the Ball Corporation, though the two are completely separate companies. We partner with Ball Corporation through a license of the Ball trademark to continue the consumer business. We maintain the sales and marketing for Ball brand fresh preserving products such as canning jars.”

Scherzinger shared that the company has just over 300 employees to date and growing. The company had originally forecasted that they would have 300 employees over a period of three to four years in the early discussions with local officials regarding their relocation. They have exceeded that benchmark within the first year post-relocation.



“We are growing faster than originally anticipated in terms of both the business performance as well as the staffing,” Scherzinger said.

Growth was the catalyst for the company’s relocation from Daleville to Fishers. It had outgrown its facility. Scherzinger explained that the city officials, then town managers, and members of the Economic Development Commission were incredibly welcoming.

“Mayor Scott Fadness, the economic development group and a handful of other individuals, were super welcoming and talked with us about where Fishers was going and the visions that they had for the city,” he shared. “We got a positive vibe from the leadership within the community. We had the right building at the right price, a local government that was engaged and eager to help us meet our needs and the amenities of the community. Our employees also benefit from the amenities from the surrounding Carmel and Noblesville areas. It is important for me and for the other members of the Jarden Home Brands leadership to make the connections between our company and our community. We are proud to showcase the infrastructure, education and quality of life that we enjoy to our prospective employees.”

While many might not be as familiar with the Jarden Home Brands name, they may recognize the vast catalog of brands that they sell and that people use in their everyday lives. Brands such as Diamond Brand Cutlery, Pine Mountain Fire Logs and Bicycle Playing Cards are just a few of the better-known labels.

“Our brands are most successful when we’re bringing new and innovative products that matter most to the end user’s lives,” Scherzinger concluded. “We are always working to get the word out about our brands. For me personally, I am an avid canner, and I enjoy cooking. My wife’s a gardener, so I am particularly jazzed about the Ball canning jar business and what Jarden Home Brands can do to create new experiences for the consumers of Ball canning jars and for all of our products and consumers.

“We are constantly monitoring consumer satisfaction and want the people using our products to be delighted with them. Our brands have to be able to deliver a level of excitement to the marketplace in order for us to thrive and grow. We succeed and fail by our brands. The consumers’ satisfaction and the discovery of new and innovative products are always at the forefront of our minds.”