Not Just for Books

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January 2017

Writer / Janelle Morrison

The Carmel Clay Public Library has always been on the cutting edge of technology and known for providing exceptional services and programs to members of all ages of the Carmel community. Now the library has introduced its latest resource that targets young professionals– the CCPL Young Professionals Committee.

This group of Carmel residents hope to engage their peers in meaningful and unique ways while promoting the library’s treasure trove of resources. Leading the committee is Carmel native Hadley Moore. Moore graduated from Carmel High and Purdue University prior to earning her Master’s degree from the Johns Hopkins University School of Education in 2009. Her first job was teaching English at the Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy in Baltimore, Maryland. She returned to Indiana three years later and taught English for six years at Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School. Moore was awarded a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship in 2015 to earn her MBA in Education Leadership at the University of Indianapolis. She finished her MBA coursework and administrative certification this summer with one remaining requirement: to obtain an administrative position.
“To meet that requirement, I accepted a new position created by the Indianapolis Public Schools just this year as a Multi-Classroom Leader,” Moore said. “I work at George Washington Community High School and create all curriculum and instructional materials for the English department, and I observe and coach them to meet their instructional and professional growth goals.”

While establishing herself in her new position, Moore was also looking for a way to become more involved in her Carmel community. She is an active volunteer of the library and was

Young professionals enjoying the Writers at the Pavilion event in 2016

Young professionals enjoying the Writers at the Pavilion event in 2016

approached by a mentor and CCPL Trustee, Jane Herndon, to help develop a YP group for the library. Moore did not hesitate to jump on board and seek out additional committee members.

This committee is unique in that most of the YP group’s members have grown up together and remained friends. They have moved back to Carmel and set out on this mission together to support the institution that helped to educate them.

“I cannot say enough great things about what the library does for the community and what it has done for me in the past,” Moore explained. “Anything that I can do to help others understand the resource that we have, appreciate and utilize it, is a privilege for me to have. I reached out to my friends who have also moved back to Carmel and knew that I could count on them to want to give back to this community because it has given all of us so much. It is the reason why we came back after college or after living in other places. We are planning on raising our families here and setting our roots here.”

Moore said the core group is comprised of six members to date and will have their first official meeting in January. At that time, the group will identify some projects for 2017 and how to seek input and participation from their peers to develop and support the organization.

The group will be tasked with assisting with the 3rd Writers at the Pavilion, an annual event that is held congruently with The Guilded Leaf Book and Author Luncheon. The YP committee will be looking for ways to target and engage a young professional demographic and to develop a program for that evening that differs from the luncheon’s itinerary. It is easier to attract the young professionals to an after-hours event rather than a mid-day luncheon that conflicts with their work day.
Moore emphasized that the committee will look at ways to include the meet-and-greet with the authors who will present the following day at the luncheon while making the evening gathering more interactive and engaging.

“It is inspiring to see your friends and neighbors come together and show enthusiasm for the library,” Moore emphasized. “This event is another way for people to learn about the writing process and about the books that are on the market today. It also provides another opportunity to showcase the different services that our library offers.”
Stacey Doane met Moore while in college. Doane, a Butler University graduate, has always been an avid reader. She moved to Carmel in 2016 and Moore invited her to join the committee and get to know her new community.

“Hadley told me about the committee and it sounded like something fun and interesting to me,” Doane said. “I have volunteered at my local YMCA and when I moved to Carmel, I was looking for that next opportunity when she [Moore] contacted me. I’m excited to learn more about the library and am looking forward to meeting people and being part of this community.”

One of Moore’s lifelong friends, John Boss, also moved back to Carmel after graduating from Indiana University. Boss has been actively involved with the athletics departments while he attended the Carmel Clay Schools and later. He is currently working with Jim Inskeep, the Director of Athletics at Carmel High School in addition to his day profession. Inskeep was Boss’s sixth-grade reading teacher.
“I enjoy reading about sports, music, and pop culture,” Boss stated. “I am interested in working with this committee to bring more people from our age group back to the library. When you are in high school and college, you go to the library because you must. Parents go to the library with their children because of the entertainment and educational programs. But there is a gap for the people in between those stages and that’s what I envision this committee will be focusing on. We will discuss ways to engage that demographic and bridge the gap.”

Young professionals will be able to follow the CCPL YP Committee and their events on social media and on the CCPL website. Founding members of the Young Professionals Committee are Hadley Moore, Jess Lawhead, John Boss, Stacy Doane, Michael Schmitz, and Tory Schmitz.
Details are forthcoming at