New Year, New Shoes

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Writer  /  Jimmy Girot

BlueMile’s New Running Shoes and Expert Advice

BlueMile knows running shoes. If you have spent any considerable amount of time in Central Indiana or even Louisville since 2000, then you have likely heard of BlueMile.

From walkers and novice runners to experienced runners and multi-sport athletes, many people trust BlueMile with a critical component of their performance – their shoes.

We know shoes are important, but why are they so important and how do we choose the right pair? I met Evan, a seasoned associate and expert at the BlueMile store in Fishers, to discuss running shoes and tips for success in 2015.

As a fitness professional at Geist Fitness, I know the New Year will undoubtedly rekindle many of your health and fitness aspirations. If you choose running as a component of your new regimen, there are many things to consider, especially the type of running shoe you purchase. Based on the three featured running shoes, as well as many other accessories in the store, you can expect two steady attributes with BlueMile products; functionality and style.

What factors should we consider when choosing a pair of running shoes?
“The main factors you want to consider are obviously the support and fit, as well as your running gait and what other activities you’ll be doing in your new shoes.”

How long should we go between a pair of running shoes?

“For the average runner, most would say 4-6 months or 300-500 miles.”

What is your most popular shoe at this location in Fishers?
“We have many popular brands of running shoes. The Brooks Adrenaline is very popular here [Fishers].”

What other items does BlueMile sell that will help runners of all levels this year?
“Socks! The socks and running shoes work together as a unit. We now carry compression socks which are becoming popular in the running community. BlueMile sells many running accessories, from reflective gear to winter gloves.”

What are some popular running shoes BlueMile will feature this year for men and women?

New Year New shoes BrooksBrooks Adrenaline ($120)
Great overall support and fit






Hoka New Year New ShoeHoka Constant ($160)
Thicker sole
Great structure
More cushion




Adidas New Yera New ShowAdidas Energy Boost
Longer-lasting “boost” material