It’s a New Day at Direct Buy

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What if you could shop directly from over 700 of the world’s best brand name manufacturers with a savings guarantee? What if someone made these great prices and this vast selection of products incredibly convenient? It would sound too good to be true. That and much more is what DirectBuy has offered its clients for years. However, recently they made this all available at a remarkably affordable price.

For those not familiar with DirectBuy, it’s a savings club that utilizes the buying power of its members to negotiate with manufacturers great prices on top brands for your home and lifestyle. DirectBuy, originally known as United Consumers Club, started in Merrillville, Indiana, in 1971 by8 James Gagan.

From its inception, DirectBuy provided great savings to its members. The problem for many was that until recently, a DirectBuy membership required a significant upfront membership fee of a few thousand dollars. Unless you were undertaking a large project or had the foresight to look at purchases over a period of time the significant upfront fee was a deterrent to many consumers becoming members.

The great news is that DirectBuy has transitioned from a membership program to a subscription model. You can now subscribe to the service for a nominal initial fee and a monthly subscription as low as $39.95. Needless to say, access to the great prices and unmatched selection offered by DirectBuy just became affordable to nearly everyone.

Recently, we met Jack Powell and his wife Genta, the owners of DirectBuy of Indianapolis. Jack and Genta have a lifetime of experience with DirectBuy. Jack’s involvement in DirectBuy began when he and his brother were caddying at a golf club where Gagan played. The brothers went from caddying to working for DirectBuy part-time in high school and college. Starting full time in 1978, Jack has now owned two franchise locations and was a Field Sales Director for the corporate office where he met his wife Genta, who held a position as a Field Service Director.

In explaining what makes DirectBuy’s pricing policy different, Jack stated, “Most people, if you asked them, think they are a good shopper and that they get the best price. But what they are doing is comparing one retail price with another retail price. When they come into DirectBuy, they see the dealer price sheet. They see what we buy it for, and they see what any retailer buys it for. They know exactly what the true cost is on whatever they buy.”

In addition to providing this valuable pricing information to their clients, DirectBuy also backs this up with an actual savings guarantee. According to Jack, “One of the most significant things we have done recently is we now have a savings guarantee. When a person buys something [at DirectBuy], they are absolutely guaranteed the lowest prices in the marketplace.” You can actually see the savings guarantee spelled out in the DirectBuy catalog and on their website.

When you walk in to the local DirectBuy showroom located at 8450 Westfield Blvd., you will immediately see a vast number of manufacturers’ product displays as well as bookshelves lined with hundreds of manufacturers’ catalogs. You are welcome to stop by the showroom to see the vast selection and confidential pricing available through DirectBuy. Genta and her staff will be happy to provide any help you may need to find the products you are looking for.

If you are planning a larger home improvement project, the showroom is a convenient place to meet your contractor and/or designer where you can do a one-stop shop and order everything you may need to complete the project, knowing that you are getting the best pricing without having to run all over town.

In addition to the showroom, DirectBuy also makes shopping incredibly convenient online. The My DirectBuy website allows you to shop how you want, where you want and whenever you want. They also offer an app that has an amazing feature called “I Want That.” If you are out and see something you want, simply take a picture of it and upload it to the app. DirectBuy’s Concierge Shopping experts will investigate your request and provide you with matching or similar products along with pricing.

1If you are shopping online and a question arises, you can call the Concierge Shopping experts 7 days a week to help answer any questions or plan a project. DirectBuy even offers a custom in-home designer service where someone will come to your home to help with your project.

As mentioned earlier, DirectBuy’s selection is enormous. It includes the products of over 700 name brand manufacturers, which translates into over 1,000,000 SKUs. A partial list of the products offered includes home improvement categories like carpeting, hardwood flooring, windows, plumbing fixtures, furniture and major appliances along with lifestyle products like sunglasses, golf clubs, exercise equipment, televisions, jewelry and apparel.

Big box stores pick and choose the items they offer for sale from a manufacturer’s line based on what their buyers think you want and which ones will be most profitable for them to carry. At DirectBuy, they simply provide you with the manufacturers’ catalog and let you decide which products you want to buy, and that typically includes their entire line.

At DirectBuy you will find a full complement of suppliers that represent quality products from entry level to high end. Many members find they can upgrade quality through DirectBuy since they avoid the hidden retail markup.

Last but not least, DirectBuy now offers a travel service, which has great savings on vacation packages all over the world.

DirectBuy is a Premium Sponsor of MIBOR and is now working with realtors in the area to help new homeowners furnish, decorate and remodel their homes.  DirectBuy of Indianapolis has been named multiple times as the best in the category of Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry by Indy’s A List, including 2016.

Additionally the Corporate Enterprise offering enables local business owners to provide the DirectBuy subscription as a company perk.

If you, like most, are looking for a place to shop with unmatched savings, selection and convenience with award winning service, stop by or call Jack and Genta at DirectBuy. This remarkable shopping experience has never been more affordable.DBIndy2014Logo