Monon Family Dental Business Spotlight

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Photographer / Lori Koppold

In December 2013 Dr. Zachary Allmand and Dr. Grant Cleveland were granted the opportunity to purchase the dental practice of Dr. Scott McDonald and Dr. Marvin Schmidt, a practice that dates back some 50 years on Indy’s north side. Having taken care of their patients for such a long time, Drs. McDonald and Schmidt did not want to turn over their patients to just anyone. After carefully evaluating possible successors for nearly a year, they decided that Dr. Allmand and Dr. Cleveland were the right dentists to take over their historic dental practice.

14264828067_4551a7345dDr. Cleveland graduated from the I.U. Dental School in 2007 and has been working ever since in a large private group practice where he received years of extensive training, continuing education, and experience in all areas of general dentistry. Dr. Allmand attended I.U. Dental School on a U.S. Air Force Scholarship. His first year in the Air Force was spent in a year-long intensive residency program. The residency program was designed so that CpaAllmand would be proficient to handle a wide array of complex dental procedures and be more self-sufficient while serving in remote areas with limited access to specialty care. This training also made Dr. Allmand a perfect candidate to serve our country deployed as a dentist in Afghanistan where he routinely performed root canals, extractions, and restorative dentistry for both American and foreign troops. He served our country for five years before entering private practice. As a result of their combined experience, Doctors Allmand and Cleveland plan to expand the services being offered to patients to include oral surgery, root canal therapy and implant placement.

While the name of the office has changed to “Monon Family Dental” and some of the doctors treating the patients have changed, many things have stayed the same. The staff who served the office previously are the same, and Dr. Tim Carlson, a full-time instructor at the I.U. Dental School, continues as he has for the past 15 years to practice part-time at the office.

Drs. Allmand and Cleveland are breathing new life into the practice. They have updated the technology in the practice, incorporating large digital displays, intraoral cameras and digital x-rays. They feel that these improvements help educate patients on oral health. They plan to continue to implement new technologies, while carefully maintaining the things that made the practice so successful for so many years. Dr’s Schmidt and McDonald continue to play a large role in the growth and direction of the practice by consulting on treatment plans for complex cases and doing their part to bestow over 80 years of combined dental knowledge to the next generation of clinicians.If you were a patient of Dr. Schmidt or Dr. McDonald, rest assured that you will continue to be in good hands for your dental needs. If you are looking for an experienced dentist on the north side of Indianapolis, give Dr. Cleveland and Dr. Allmand a call today at Monon Family Dental.

1040 E. 86th St. Suite #40A

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