Miles Nelson for Carmel Mayor: This Year Carmel Has A Choice 

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September/October 2023

After 28 years of visionary leadership from Mayor Jim Brainard, Carmel voters are set to elect their first new mayor in nearly three decades. Carmel voters now have a choice on who can best keep Carmel moving forward. 

Miles Nelson has a vision for Carmel and is ready to lead. He is a bipartisan problem solver who is focused on keeping Carmel the best place to live in America. Miles spoke about his plans to build on Mayor Brainard’s legacy, saying, “I want to invest in what makes our community thrive and build a transparent, inclusive and efficient Carmel. I’ll focus on ensuring we protect the existing charm and character of our neighborhoods, defending our nationally ranked schools, keeping us safe and continuing to invest in our world-class amenities — without raising taxes.” 

Miles Nelson for Carmel Mayor

Miles believes his background as an entrepreneur with decades of experience in business ownership, team development, executive leadership, and nonprofit board service will serve him well as Carmel’s next Mayor. He has deep roots in the community. A lifelong Hoosier, Miles has lived in Carmel with his wife Carolina for nearly 20 years where they have raised their two children, Olivia and Noah. Together with his children, he created the nonprofit Carmel Cleanup Crew and established the 10,000 Trees in Carmel campaign with the goal of planting that many trees in the city in 10 years. To date, more than 4,000 trees have been planted or given away for planting. 

As a small business owner, community volunteer and recently elected City Councilor, Miles prioritizes giving back to the place that has given so much to his family. His campaign for mayor is rooted in his “roll up your sleeves and contribute” attitude, which he inherited from growing up in a family where service was encouraged and standing up for one’s principles was demanded. 

Miles’ love for Carmel and the people who call it home led him to run and win a seat on the Carmel City Council in 2019. During his time on the council, Miles has worked hard for his constituents, prioritizing their needs and concerns. 

Miles believes being Mayor isn’t about playing politics — it’s about being a trusted partner who leads a responsive, efficient, and innovative team of public servants who work hard every day to keep our community thriving. Miles explains, “For me, it’s not about political party. When my constituents call me, they don’t ask my party affiliation and I don’t ask theirs — they have a problem that they want fixed. It’s why I’ve worked closely with Mayor Brainard and my Republican colleagues to advance the issues most important to my constituents. I know how important it is to put differences aside and put people first.” 

Miles firmly believes that all forms of government function best when they’re closely connected to the constituents they serve. That’s why he’s pledged to conduct bi-monthly mobile City Hall events where residents will have the opportunity to connect directly with him and his department heads in neighborhoods around the community. He believes it’s a simple idea to increase transparency, engagement, and accountability. 

Over the last four months, Miles has knocked on more than 15,000 doors to speak directly with residents about their concerns and ideas for how to keep Carmel moving forward. He’ll continue this outreach as Mayor. Miles states, “As I lead the next generation of this city, I want to bring people together around common-sense solutions that improve our quality of life.” 

This year, Carmel voters have an important choice in the election for mayor. Miles Nelson is focused on keeping our city the best place to live and raise a family in America. He’ll build on the achievements of Mayor Brainard and keep moving Carmel forward. 

Miles Nelson for Carmel Mayor

It’s clear that Miles is exactly what Carmel voters of both political parties are looking for in their next mayor.

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Miles Nelson for Carmel Mayor