Midwest Pain & Spine

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Attention, acute or chronic back or spine pain sufferers.

There is a local medical facility, Midwest Pain & Spine, which specializes in effective alternative treatments using minimally invasive procedures to diagnose, treat and manage your condition. In addition to offering minimally invasive surgical techniques, Midwest Pain & Spine also specializes in providing non-surgical alternatives to back and spine pain suffers, with Dr. William L. Hall.

Dr. Hall is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Pain Management. Dr. Hall joined Midwest Pain & Spine after completing his residency at the University of Cincinnati in 2002. Dr. Hall served as chief resident in the department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, with duties both academic and administrative in nature.

While being trained in a multi-faceted field, Dr. Hall has a great interest in interventional spine care, musculoskeletal medicine and electrodiagnosis of nerve and muscle diseases. He has focused his skills and talents on the diagnosis and treatment of back and spinal pain.

Dr. Hall received his undergraduate degree from St. Louis University in 1994 and earned his medical degree from St. Louis University in 1998 prior to proceeding with residency at the University of Cincinnati.

Dr. Hall is a member of several professional societies, including the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Physiatric Association for Spine, Sports and Occupational Rehabilitation, and the International Spinal Injection Society.

Dr. Hall stated, “As a physician board certified in both physical medicine and rehabilitation as well as pain medicine, my goal is to reduce your pain so you are more functional, allowing you to do the things you want and need to do.”

If you suffer from acute or chronic back pain, contact Midwest Pain & Spine to discover the minimally invasive treatments available to treat your painful condition and get you back to enjoying life fully.


I’ve had back pain off and on most of my life, not debilitating…that is, until about the age of 40. The pain eventually became unbearable. With a very demanding job and little time to focus on my health, I sought the help of a few doctors. This is when I discovered most doctors want to pat you on the hand and tell you to “learn to live with it!” Reality is…you have “lived with it” and if you weren’t at the breaking point you wouldn’t be in their office!

I began to wonder if I could bear to live the rest of my life in this much pain…was it possible or even worth it? Dr. Hall is unaware but he probably saved my life…I was very close to giving up.

After the first appointment at Midwest Pain & Spine, I knew I was somewhere special.

Suddenly there was hope, and an actual plan! Dr. Hall went straight to work to find the source of the pain, which actually turned out to be a birth deformity. He discovered the source of pain that no other doctor ever took the time to. Then Dr. Hall worked with me to find the most effective treatment for my particular spine issues.

Now my pain is managed. I still work too hard, but now I’m not miserable…plus I live a more active lifestyle, which is a much unexpected blessing.

Thanks, Dr. Hall and wonderful staff, for giving me my life back!

– Pamela Z., Fishers