Michael Feinstein:Introducing Feinstein’s at Hotel Carmichael

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Feinstein's at Hotel Carmichael

November 2020 updated January 2021

When the Hotel Carmichael first opened, we featured the hotel and its amenities on our cover of Carmel Monthly. We are pleased to feature its latest amenity and distinctive venue, Feinstein’s, on our cover this month. Officially opening at the end of January 2021, Feinstein’s is giving us something to look forward to after a long spell without live music and entertainment.

An upscale entertainment venue developed in partnership with legendary musician Michael Feinstein, this signature cabaret offers a creative and inspiring space to enjoy live music, elevated menus and a refined bar and spirits selection. Modeled after Feinstein’s/54 Below in New York City and in the spirit of the Great American Songbook, this unique cabaret promises an unforgettable experience.

Experience Feinstein’s at Hotel Carmichael

For those who have experienced Feinstein’s/54 Below in NYC, the concept is quite similar and inspired much of the carefully curated details that have gone into Feinstein’s at Hotel Carmichael. The main room seats a maximum of 143 and offers a private dining option in a room partitioned off the main room that seats up to 16 people. The wall opens, allowing the private dinner party to watch and enjoy the entertainment. Audience members can order “small bites” offered through the hotel and distinctive cocktails from the nightclub’s refined bar and spirits collection while enjoying the show.

I spoke with Hotel Carmichael’s General Manager Jamie Hopwood and the notable general manager at Feinstein’s/54 Below, John Iachetti, who’s also an integral part of the Feinstein’s at Hotel Carmichael team. We discussed what makes this club—in Carmel—so extraordinary and how it stands apart from Michael Feinstein’s other signature clubs. Iachetti is a huge fan of Carmel’s.

“When I [first] visited Michael [Feinstein] in Carmel, the city had just started building the Palladium,” Iachetti said. “It’s such a great city. The people are amazing, it feels good, it smells good—it’s all the good stuff!”

When asked how Feinstein’s at Hotel Carmichael compares to the NYC club, Iachetti said, “When we designed this club, we took the best of all of our clubs. It’s going to be approachable and vibrant, and like Feinstein’s/54 Below, people will be able to see national artists—including friends of Michael’s that perform in NYC, San Francisco and LA—as well as artists and shows that are local to the community.”

With regards to programming the entertainment and looking beyond the pandemic, Iachetti continued, “We’ve learned that there’s plenty of entertainment and a big enough audience for us to provide quality entertainment. It won’t happen right away, but we definitely have a blueprint that will begin with a couple shows a week and work our way up to five or six days a week. It’s going to be spectacular. If you close your eyes and listen to the performer—such as Michael [Feinstein] or someone like Rita Moreno or Storm Large—it will be like they are there in your living room. And people love to come out and eat and be entertained. It’s all about the experience, and it’s approachable. What could be better?”

A Purpose-Built Venue

As the construction of Feinstein’s came to completion, it became glaringly obvious that the original timetable and schedule of events to commemorate the cabaret’s grand opening were going to be delayed until such time when the pandemic-related restrictions would permit.

Due to covid, the timetable for opening looks to be early spring 2021, the space is open and available for private functions.

Feinstein's at Hotel Carmichael

“The flexibility to use that space and utilize it for function space and private events is what makes the space one-of-a-kind and special out of all of Michael’s clubs so far,” Hopwood shared. “We’re still navigating through and looking at what’s going on in the world to kind of guide us with regards to what the grand opening will look like. A lot of things have changed in the hospitality industry and restaurant business now, and I think we need to be creative and figure out how we can maximize the space that we have and the opportunities for the owners. We are already seeing an immense amount of interest in renting out the entire space and have already hosted private events in this space.”

Iachetti added, “We have the best audiovisual—the best sound and lights—so, it’s a great room for private events, rehearsal dinners, weddings, bachelor or bachelorette parties. You name it—you’ll be able to do it here.”

As we all look forward to 2021 with hopes of it being a better and healthier year, we’re also chomping at the bit to be entertained, once again, by live music and shows. In the spirit of better days ahead, Hopwood is also collaborating with the Center for the Performing Arts as it is literally a stone’s throw from the Hotel Carmichael.

“We look at the Center as a partnership,” Hopwood said. “I think it’s important that we work in conjunction with each other to ensure the success of the entire performing arts campus. As we continue to evolve, develop and grow, that partnership will get stronger. And as we work though the programming, we will work together to ensure that we are giving the community the best performing arts experiences that we can.”

Stay in the loop and follow Feinstein’s at Hotel Carmichael on Facebook and on Instagram. For more information on the Hotel Carmichael, visit hotelcarmichael.com. A new website for Feinstein’s at Hotel Carmichael is expected to go live in mid-December and will be the source of shows, events and ticket information. Be sure to check it out at feinsteinshc.com.