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February 2018


“The most important thing in the world is family and love.” – John Wooden

The thought expressed in the quote above is by the legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden. Wooden’s sentiments about family are shared by La-Tisha Pirtle, owner of MaidMe by MonaVation, a residential cleaning service. Not surprisingly, Pirtle’s company name, MonaVation, is a tribute to her mother, Mona Plummer.

While Pirtle is actively involved in the management of MonaVation, the imprint of her mother is indelibly etched into the fiber of the business. Mona may only be 4’11” tall, but she is a strong-willed giant of a personality.

Along with Pirtle’s father, Mona has operated a family-owned general contracting/restoration business in the Indianapolis area for many years. She decided to get involved in the restoration business after tiring of working at a bank. When we say “operated,” we mean she is out on the job site nearly every day, supervising the workers and actually working on the jobs. You are as likely to see her at a job on a ladder with a putty trowel in her hand as in the office on the phone. The grit, determination and work ethic that is so obviously present in Mona has been passed on to Pirtle and her brother, the next generation at MonaVation.

In 2014, Pirtle and her husband Michael returned to the U.S. after spending a couple years in Germany while Michael served in the U.S. Air Force. Near the end of the couple’s stay in Germany, Pirtle planned how she could utilize her degree in management from Indiana University upon her return to the U.S. Mona suggested they get involved in the family business.

After going to job sites with her parents at an early age where she saw how hard they worked and seeing them return home each day dirty and smelling of smoke after working on fire restoration jobs, Pirtle admits that earlier in her life, she had little interest in joining her mother in the family business. However, as she had aged a bit and started her own family, Pirtle’s appreciation of the benefits of being able to work every day in her family’s business grew. Upon their return from Germany, Pirtle and her husband committed to joining the family business and are now expanding the services MonaVation offered to include residential house cleaning.

Already a business with 25 employees, it is Pirtle’s plan to keep expanding the business her family created in order to fulfill her dream of taking it to another level. As mentioned earlier, the family business concentrated on fire, flood and content restoration, commercial janitorial and pre/post-construction cleanup for years. Pirtle is taking the family’s years of cleaning experience in disaster recovery and commercial janitorial work and incorporating it into providing dependable residential cleaning service in the Indianapolis area.

MaidMe by MonaVation was launched in 2016 by Pirtle and Michael. MaidMe by MonaVation is owned and operated by women who are mothers themselves that fully understand and appreciate the demands of other working women and have tried to apply that knowledge in creating the cleaning services offered by MaidMe.

Pirtle recognizes that trust is a critically important aspect in choosing a residential cleaning service. According to Pirtle, they have learned much about protecting the trust of their clients from their experiences in the restoration business. Pirtle explained that when a person’s home is hit with a fire or other disaster, the homeowner has just suffered a traumatic experience and can be at their most vulnerable. It is in those vulnerable times of their customers that MonaVation has worked hard to develop a trusting reputation by stepping up and delivering for their clients in a time of need.

Given the example provided by her mother, it is not surprising to know that Pirtle is truly a hands-on owner when it comes to MaidMe’s clients. This is not a franchise or corporate structure with layers of management. When you visit the offices of MaidMe, you will likely find Pirtle, along with one or both of her young children, working hard to improve the services offered by MaidMe. Pirtle’s dedication to customer service and satisfaction is evidenced when she stated, “There is not a single customer that I have that can’t pick up the phone and call my cell phone number day or night.”

It is often said you are only as good as your employees. Naturally, when hiring MaidMe employees, an extensive background check is done. Additionally, before an employee is hired, they must meet the ultimate test, an interview with Mona. She relies on her years of experience to screen potential employees and also takes the opportunity to emphasize what is expected from employees and how important it is for them to do a great job that reflects positively on MaidMe by MonaVation. Again, anyone who has met Mona or sat in on one of her interviews will quickly understand that hiring dedicated and hardworking employees is not an aspect of the business that is taken lightly by MaidMe.

Lastly, MaidMe uses only high-quality and environmentally-friendly products in their cleaning services. Certainly, they will use whatever cleaning products the customer demands, but generally, they try to use a lot of essential oils and naturally-derived carpet fresheners.

In summary, Pirtle stated, “I have grown very passionate about what we are doing. I believe that no matter what you do, there is a certain level of pride you must take in it. We are always looking for the next way to impress our customers and show them how we can better serve them.”

If you are looking for a trusted family-oriented home cleaning professional to help make your house sparkle, call La-Tisha Pirtle and the folks at MaidMe by MonaVation soon. Visit