Live Light Clinic: Offering a Weight Loss Program That's Good for Life

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Writer  /  Neil Lucas

Recently, Dr. Christy Kirkendol–Watson, a lifelong Zionsville resident, along with her team of weight-loss specialists, opened the Live Light Clinic on North Michigan Road in Zionsville. The staff consists of Dr. Christy, Dina Palmer, a Certified Physician Assistant, and Lorie Blythe, a clinical nurse specialist.  Combined they offer over 10 years of experience in obesity and weight loss. Kirkendol-Watson, who is board certified in Internal Medicine and has practiced many years in the Zionsville area, has always kept a professional curiosity about weight loss.

For years she would see people who struggled with their weight. At the same time others could seemingly eat anything, anytime, in any amount, and continue to be trim and fit. There had to be more to understanding weight control than traditional medical training was providing.

The medical teaching about it was no different than common thought; obesity was caused simply by laziness or continually eating massive amounts of junk food. After hearing a lecture prepared by the American Society of Bariatric Physicians that presented weight loss from a medical and scientific standpoint, her suspicions as to the complexity and causes of obesity were confirmed.
At the Live Light Clinic, weight issues are treated as a medical condition, much as other medical specialists treat diabetes, asthma or high blood pressure.

Since hearing that lecture, Kirkendol-Watson went on to become board certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine. Moreover, she has been working for the past two years developing and implementing a highly successful non-surgical weight-loss program for a major Indianapolis healthcare facility.

For Kirkendol-Watson, the creation of the Live Light Clinic is a natural progression of her life’s work as a physician.

Dr. Christy sees weight loss as the most challenging and the most rewarding area of practice she has ever experienced. “Weight loss can be transformational for patients and their families in so many ways,” Kirkendol-Watson says. “We are truly able to change people’s lives by reversing many diseases caused by obesity—not just treat the disorder.”

At your first appointment at the Live Light Clinic, Dr. Christy will sit down with you and talk about your medical history, your medications, run a panel of lab tests, and then have your body composition analyzed. From the initial visit, a specialized low-calorie diet plan that is developed personally for you will be provided. However, your treatment does not end there. Follow-up visits are scheduled to monitor your progress and to ensure that the program works for you. You will see Dr. Christy or her PA at each and every visit. Patients on the program, on average, can expect to lose 10 percent of their body weight in three months.

One of the great things about enlisting the help of a medical professional, specially trained in weight loss, is that they can work directly with your current physician to make recommendations regarding medications that may be negatively affecting your ability to manage your weight.

Kirkendol-Watson understands that obesity and weight-loss issues cross all economic levels. As a result, she is determined to make the services provided by the Live Light Clinic affordable. The initial visit costs $95 (excluding any lab or product costs).

If you suffer from asthma or diabetes, you would never think of treating it on your own. So it’s time to stop trying the latest weight loss fad sweeping through Hollywood. Have the trained professionals at Live Light Clinic treat your weight as a medical condition that deserves the attention of a specialist.