LearningRx: George Erwin

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Like all parents, Chris Bodurow wants to provide her young son George Erwin with every tool he needs to reach his potential. Chris knew that for George to reach his potential, he needed to improve his ability to focus and increase his attention skills.

Like an athlete that needs specialized physical training to attain a certain level of accomplishment, LearningRx provides specialized training to anyone who wants to improve their attention skills for easier learning.

George is clearly a bright 11-year-old that has a wide range of interests. He says his favorite subjects at Park Tudor are science and French. He also enjoys sports like basketball, baseball and lacrosse and recently participated in Park Tudor’s Summer Stock Theater Academy.

As the increased rigors of sixth grade approached for George, Chris worried that George might not be able perform up to his potential based on the level of focus that typically he had applied to his previous schoolwork. Chris remembered reading a LearningRx success story some time ago in one of our magazines and decided to enroll George in one of the three month programs. After completing the LearningRx program, both George and Chris are glad she did.

The major improvements that Chris and George have noticed since he completed the LearningRx program finds the root cause of any learning struggle and provides a solution with a cognitive framework that can be used for a lifetime. As a result, George says that he noticed that he is better able to multi-task and that he gets his schoolwork completed faster.

Chris said she noticed George has an increased mental acuity and mental stamina. She also commented that she was very pleased with George’s instructor at LearningRx in that he did a great job of balancing a rigorous program with knowing when to ease up so that George did not become frustrated or bored. According to Chris, George actually looked forward to coming to LearningRx for the time with his instructor.

LearningRx is different from other programs that “tutor” its students. Rather than tutoring on a particular subject, the LearningRx program provides a cognitive framework that people can use for the rest of their lives.

According to Heather Koenig, executive director and owner of LearningRx in Indianapolis, “Many learning problems are caused by inefficiencies in how the brain actually processes information, things like memory attention and processing speed. We aren’t tutoring which will only offer temporary help if there are underlying cognitive deficiencies. We are brain trainers offering a permanent solution to learning struggles.

“With our initial assessment, we can pinpoint the underlying cause for cognitive deficiencies and create a brain training solution that puts people on the path to learning faster, easier and more efficiently for life. We help children and adults and can assist people with traumatic brain injury, stroke, ADHD, dyslexia, autism, auditory processing disorder, learning difficulty and those who just want to get a sharper competitive edge.”

If you want to give your child or other loved one the tools and training to help them reach their learning potential, call LearningRx for an evaluation appointment today; mention this ad to get $50 off of the initial assessment.