Landscape Illumination: Outdoor Lighting Is Essential for Security, Safety and Beauty

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May 2020

In times such as these, essential businesses such as Landscape Illumination are even more necessary as property owners are spending more time at home in their yards and are looking to not only enhance their living spaces with the latest technology and outdoor lighting trends but are stepping up security for their peace of mind as well.

The experts at Landscape Illumination are continuing to provide award-winning service and renowned professional outdoor lighting installations throughout the pandemic crisis.

Landscape Illumination Outdoor Lighting

The Experts in Outdoor Lighting

For nearly two decades, Landscape Illumination has been enhancing commercial and residential architecture and landscapes throughout Indiana, creating smooth transitions between indoor and outdoor living and working spaces with an attention to detail.

Award-winning experts in applying LED or “green” technology to every project, Landscape Illumination’s owner, Darrin Selking, and his team have earned Kichler Lightings’ North American Lighting Contractor of the Year in 2009, 2012 and 2019. They are the only outdoor lighting contractor in North America to have won this award three times.

It is because of Selking and his team’s expertise in this industry that they have been able to navigate through the pandemic guidelines and the state’s stay-at-home order with little disruption to their business.

Selking explained why. “We were operating under similar guidelines before the [pandemic] protocols were put into place with regards to social distancing. For instance, most of our installs are done by no more than two of our [team members]. And technology is coming into play—big time.”

Providing High-Level Service in a Virtual World

Another example of how Landscape Illumination’s experience has enabled Selking and his team to wade through uncharted waters throughout the COVID-19 crisis is how expertly they use technology to consult, design and complete their outdoor lighting projects.

“We are utilizing video calls and doing our initial consultations through Zoom,” Selking said. “We have done a fair amount of virtual appointments over the last several weeks. We can drive by the property and take pictures, or we can advise the client on what kind of images we need, and they can send them to us over text or email. We have also used FaceTime and the client has [virtually] walked us through the property, which we have utilized even before the social distancing guidelines were put into place.”

According to Selking, the pandemic guidelines have not dramatically affected the lead times for consultations and installations.

Landscape Illumination Outdoor Lighting

“We can meet with people usually within a week,” Selking affirmed. “We’re still following the same [project-start date] schedule right now. It’s usually about a three-week lead time, which is standard throughout the season. On average, we install between five and 10 systems a week, depending on the scope of the residential and/or commercial projects.”

While cognizant of all the guidelines and restrictions, Landscape Illumination continues to limit its physical contact with its clients without compromising its professionalism and the quality of its installations and maintenance services.

“We are following all of the protocols,” Selking emphasized. “Our clients can literally go through the entire process with no [physical] contact with us. The property owner doesn’t have to come out of their house or building during the installment. Prior to [the pandemic], we might have actually talked with our clients—face to face—20 to 30% of the time. It’s a pretty straightforward process for us, and that’s what 20 years of experience provides our customers.”

In addition to the consultation and design processes being virtual, Selking explained that payments are processed online as well.

“We have cloud-based estimating and CRM software that generates the proposal online that we mail to the customers for their review,” Selking said. “I always get input from the client, and we look at the photos of the house/property and find a common ground to work from. Once the client receives the proposal, we talk through it, make changes as needed, and once it’s approved, we send a link for the deposit and final payments. Once the deposit is received, the customer goes on the schedule, and as we get closer to the install time frame, we communicate with the client again. It is important to note that most installs usually only take one day. Again, larger projects can take multiple days to complete.”

Stay Safe and Secure With a State-of-the-Art Outdoor Lighting System

While many of us will be postponing our vacations until summer of 2021, we will likely be spiffing up our backyard living areas to emulate our favorite retreats. Landscape Illumination’s outdoor lighting systems will not only light up your outdoor kitchens, pool areas, decks and patios, it will also create a deeper sense of security, which is even more important in these turbulent times.

“The warm weather is coming, pools are opening and people are going to be using their outdoor spaces. As those spaces are utilized even more, [outdoor] lighting becomes even more essential to the safety and security of those spaces. Just as people consider their home or office security systems as being essential, outdoor lighting falls with the same category. And outdoor lighting makes people feel more secure while they’re at home.”

Landscape Illumination Outdoor Lighting

Additional benefits to creating outdoor lighting displays—including seasonal and holiday lighting applications—is the increased safety and security benefits of having strategically placed lighting around a home and landscape. It is a well-known fact that lighting around your home can help deter potential break-ins. Proper deck lighting and pool lighting are also important safety features that Selking and his team can expertly install for their clients.

Selking mentioned that Landscape Illumination’s systems use properly placed, low-wattage, no-heat LED (light emitting diode) lights, especially around doorways that have coach lights next to them. These LED lights will have “zero bug draw” when you turn them on and open the door.

An Incomparable Warranty on All Outdoor Lighting Systems

Another added comfort for Landscape Illumination’s clients is the warranty on its products. You can be assured of receiving nothing but the absolute finest lighting system available. All of the fixtures are standard with LED technology, are energy efficient and usually offer a minimum of a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty on the light source. It is not uncommon for the bulbs in a Landscape Illumination system to last 18 to 24 months; however, it is strongly recommended that your system’s bulbs be replaced every year. Landscape Illumination offers a yearly maintenance contract after your system has been installed. With LED, the light source is warranted for 40,000 hours—around 15 years. Landscape Illumination also offers annual maintenance packages for your newly installed or preexisting lighting system. They offer several levels to choose from to meet your specific needs and can perform maintenance to your lighting system all year round.

“We have our own service person,” Selking added. “If something goes out, we send him out to the property. There’s a lot of [outdoor lighting] companies out there that install product, but many don’t want to service them. We are happy to take on service/maintenance contracts—all day long—because we are good at what we do. Our warranties are a big differentiator, but it’s our experience and level of service that has awarded us our third National Lighting Contractor of the Year award. We are the only company to be a three-time winner of that award.”

RGB Tape Lighting—It’s Not Just for Holidays Anymore

In past seasons, Selking has set up residential homes and commercial structures in red, white and blue for Fourth of July and white for Labor Day, purple or orange for October and Halloween, red and green for Christmas, then red for Valentine’s Day.

Throughout the pandemic, several cities and towns have seen properties light up with outdoor lighting effects as a show of patriotism or in an attempt to lift people’s spirits.

“I’m part of a national [industry-related] group and one of our online groups has been focused on holiday lighting,” Selking shared. “People in other parts of the country have been putting up outdoor and holiday or patriotic lighting like we see at Christmas or around the Fourth of July because it creates a sense of hope and unity.”

The added beauty of installing RGB tape lighting is that the property owner or manager doesn’t have to mess with taking down and putting up new lights, whether it be for the holidays, a show of unified community spirit or to switch to an alma mater’s or professional league sports team’s colors—when we’re finally able to enjoy live sports again.

The lighting system is controlled through an app, and the property owner or manager can control the color and actions of the lights.

Light Up Your Summer Season

As people begin to open up their backyard living spaces, it is important to remember that just like sunlight, a well-lit landscape can create a peaceful and joyful ambiance that will help make incredible memories and experiences, even in these most challenging and unprecedented times.

Outdoor lighting can literally light up your mood and create a masterpiece out of the exterior of your home and outdoor living spaces. At the same time, it can create a sense of security to ease your troubled mind.

Landscape Illumination Outdoor Lighting

“Anymore when you turn on the TV, it’s nothing but doom and gloom,” Selking stated. “The reports remind of us of all the things that we’re not allowed to do or that are not safe to do. Why not create good times within the spaces that you live? Light up your yards, have as much fun as you can this season—under the circumstances—while maintaining social distancing.”

Whether you are thinking about adding to your existing outdoor lighting system or looking to install a brand-new one, contact Selking and his team of design, installation and service experts to get schedule your virtual consultation—today! And don’t forget to inquire about Landscape Illumination’s low-voltage, app-controlled seasonal lighting system in case you want to showcase your patriotism by lighting your home or property this coming Fourth of July!

To learn more about how Landscape Illumination can improve your outdoor lighting and security with the latest technology and to schedule a free, no-commitment design consultation, visit