Join Us for the 19th Annual Book and Author Luncheon!

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September/October 2023

Although tax dollars support basic library expenses, such as library collections, staff salaries and building upkeep, a need exists to develop and maintain quality programs and services for the Carmel community.

The Carmel Clay Public Library Foundation’s support makes it possible for the library to present the important programs that patrons have grown to know and appreciate.

From story times and reading programs to musical performances and guest lectures, the library’s educational and entertaining programs are offered free of charge thanks to the Foundation’s generous donors. The dedicated members of the CCPL Foundation Guild support the Foundation each year by hosting the ever-popular Book and Author Luncheon in October.

CCPL 19th Book and Author

The Guilded Leaf

Hosted by the CCPL Foundation Guild, the Guilded Leaf is the Foundation’s signature annual fundraising event and helps support the library’s programs for all ages. Join us as we welcome six nationally recognized authors to Carmel.

The Book & Author Evening is a sophisticated event that will take place at the Main Library on Wednesday, October 18. It will feature book talks, signings, an online silent auction, appetizers, wine and craft beer.

At the Book and Author Luncheon on Thursday, October 19, at the Ritz Charles, the authors will share insights into their lives and their writing. A raffle, online silent auction and book signings will also take place at the luncheon.

CCPL Foundation Director Elizabeth Hamilton spoke about this year’s diverse group of authors.

“They’re all great storytellers,” Hamilton said. “They’re super interesting, and many of the stories this year are super personal. It’s a great group of authors.”

The 9th Annual Book & Author Evening is officially sold out. Hamilton shared with us how this event has become the “Zoobilation of Carmel.”

“Once it was announced that the tickets [for the evening event] were available [for] pre-sale, they were sold out before they were open to the [general] public,” Hamilton explained. “If you want to be part of this evening event next year, you have got to get on the mailing list … now. It’s a hot ticket!”

Supporting the Foundation That Supports Essential Programs

Since the reopening of the library, post-renovation/expansion, Hamilton shared that CCPL has continued to build upon its already expansive list of programs.

“We have the opportunity to bring so much more to the community because we have more space,” Hamilton stated. “And our programming budget continues to grow because our librarians are listening to the community and to what they need and want. If you look at the breadth and depth of the programs that we’re offering, it is truly unbelievable. And we’re averaging about 45,000 people walking through our doors on a monthly basis since we reopened! The number of people that we touch through programming, our collections and our librarians that we have on staff is incredible. For example, one of our teen librarians started a book club with teens called Overbooked. The things that are happening in this building are magic, and the message to me, this year, is: ‘You have to be a part of this!’”

Hamilton continued, “I hope everyone who lives and works in this community sees that and wants to be a part of who we are, because they are who we are here for. We do what we do to make a difference, and when we have a facility like this, we are able to bring in the authors like the ones we are bringing in this October and expose people to the different stories and ways of thinking that broaden the way people read, think and feel about literature. What in the world could be better than that?”

For more information about the Guilded Leaf Book and Author Events, call 317.814.3905 or email [email protected].

Book & Author Luncheon Tickets

Thursday, October 19, 10:00 a.m. – 1:15 p.m.


$1,200/corporate sponsorship table

CCPL 19th Book and Author