Jamie Little: Shares Her Life in the Fast Lane as a Motorsports Reporter

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Jamie Little

May 2024

This month, Carmel Monthly is proud to feature veteran motorsports reporter Jamie Little on its latest cover. Little joined FOX NASCAR in 2015, covering pit road for the NASCAR Cup Series and Xfinity Series. In 2021, she made history by becoming the first woman to call TV play-by-play for a national racing series as the voice of the ARCA Menards Series.

In addition to blazing a trail for female broadcasters in motorsports, Little shares how she manages her work-life balance as a reporter, wife, mother of two, and dog rescue advocate.

Jamie Little

Making a Career out of Passions

Little’s assignments have included select races and special events, such as her pit reporting debut for the 2017 Rolex 24 at Daytona and hosting duties for Supercross coverage. She has also appeared as a guest host on FS1’s NASCAR Race Hub.

Before joining FOX, Little spent 13 years at ESPN/ABC, covering NASCAR, the IndyCar Series, and the Winter and Summer X Games. Her TV career began in 2002 with ESPN, and she has also worked for SPEED, NBC and TNN. Notably, she was the first female pit reporter for the Indianapolis 500 (2004) and became the first to cover both the Daytona 500 and the Indianapolis 500 for live network TV in 2015. In April 2016, she hosted FOX’s coverage of Supercross at Gillette Stadium.

Little attributes her entry into television to her lifelong passion for motorsports and love of dirt bikes. While still in college, she reported on various motorsports for ESPN2 and served as a live announcer for Supercross.

Widely known for her pioneering work in motorsports broadcasting, Little also showcases her versatility as an announcer for the Westminster Dog Show. Bringing her dynamic energy and keen attention to detail, Little adds a unique flair to the prestigious event, seamlessly blending her broadcasting expertise with her passion for animals.

“This is my 25th season covering motorsports and it all started completely organically,” Little said. “I found my career through my passion for racing. I was a tomboy [growing up], and at 15, I loved any friends that had a four-wheeler or Mini Bike. This was my playtime.”

A graduate of San Diego State University with a degree in journalism, Little grew up in South Lake Tahoe, California. She spent much of her young life with her mother in Las Vegas before moving to Los Angeles at age 18.

“I knew I was passionate about racing and thought, why can’t I be the person on TV interviewing [the drivers] and telling the stories? I followed Motorcross and Supercross. I got in front of the right people, paid my dues, and I found myself in the right place at the right time. [Having] a female on TV was a new concept for ESPN, and I started [my career] with ESPN. I covered my first Indy 500 in 2004 and was the first female [broadcaster] to do that. I ended up doing 11 Indy 500s, and when we got the contract with NASCAR in 2007, I was asked to be part of that team. I just covered my fifth [Westminster] Dog Show—that’s kind of a perk for being with FOX. They know I’m dog-obsessed, so I get to do this other passion project. Yes, I’m passionate about racing. That’s my career, but dogs are my thing. I have four at home, so covering Westminster is a dream job for sure.”

Building Relationships Is Key

Little spoke about how building relationships with interviewees and industry associates has been paramount to her success as a broadcaster. She emphasized that establishing trust and rapport with those she interviews not only enriches her storytelling but also fosters a collaborative and respectful environment within the industry.

“It’s absolutely about [building] relationships,” Little stated. “You’ve got to meet the right people to put you [in] the right positions, but once you get the opportunity, you have [to] create and maintain those relationships. That’s what it’s all about in a garage. These drivers get asked a lot of questions from a lot of different reporters, but the response will vary depending on who’s asking the question. If they trust you and know you, they will give you a great answer. If they don’t know you, you could be on the receiving end of a not-so-nice response. I think [my relationships] have contributed to my longevity in the sport. People respect me and like talking to me, which helps because we have to interview them in some tough situations sometimes.”

Little added, “These relationships make my job so much more fun. When I walk into that garage, I’m speaking with a bunch of my friends and with people that I look up to, love talking to, and love sharing their stories.”

Behind-the-Scenes Team Little/Selman Gets Things Done!

Little shared insights into how she manages to balance her work and personal lives.

“I couldn’t be a mom to two kids, have four dogs, travel like I do to cover sports, and keep my head on straight if it wasn’t for my husband, Cody Selman. It’s a total team effort … whatever it takes to get things done and to stay afloat, especially during my busy season. My husband is brilliant. He figured out a way to have a business, which we did with Jimmy John’s back in Las Vegas, and when we moved here seven years ago, we started the franchise of Nothing Bundt Cakes so Cody can have his own thing going on but also has the freedom to be with our kids when I travel. It really is a team, and to balance things, I’ve really got to have things to look forward to and to stay fresh when I travel as much as I do, covering the same sport week after week.”

Back Home Again in Indiana

Jamie Little

When asked what brought Little and her family from Las Vegas to the north side of Indianapolis, where they resided in Carmel before recently moving to Zionsville, Little replied, “Cody graduated from Zionsville Community High School, and his dad and brother still live here. So, it’s perfect for us to have family around, and the kids have cousins here. It made sense for us to move here, and while it was a big adjustment for me, the reality is that I travel a lot and Cody’s home. This is a godsend for us, and our kids, Sierra (7) and Carter (11), are flourishing here.”

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