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January 2019


Writer // Janelle Morrison                 Photography // Laura Arick and Submitted

The most romantic day of the year is right around the corner. Are you still looking for the perfect gift or planning on “popping” the question this Valentine’s Day? Why not simplify your life and take the guesswork out of gift-giving? Visit Indy Facets Private Jeweler and enjoy a comfortable and meaningful experience.

Indy Facets Private Jeweler is dedicated to being everyone’s private jeweler. Owner Shaun Goodyear and his highly trained and knowledgeable staff strive to be everything that a traditional jewelry store offers and so much more. Their one-on-one service, no-pressure sales and custom design experience separate them from any other traditional jewelry store.

Indy Facets Private Jewelers:Goodyear, a Carmel resident, realized his passion for gemstones and making jewelry in high school. After graduating, a former teacher encouraged Goodyear to try his hand at making jewelry as an occupation. After researching the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Goodyear flew out to visit GIA’s campus and global headquarters in Carlsbad, California, where he quickly realized his purpose and destination.

Goodyear graduated in the top of his class in 2001 as a Graduate Jeweler Gemologist with Design and Wax. “I took every course they [GIA] offered,” Goodyear said. “I got a well-rounded education there. Every job that I took afterward was to better round out my resume and experience level in different fields of the jewelry industry. Those who have been in our office understand what Indy Facets Private Jeweler does. What we are doing is so far removed from a traditional jewelry store. We don’t have showcases and pushy salespeople. It’s a very calm and casual place for our clients.”

Similar to the car buying experience, people have been programmed to an industry standard of what a jewelry store looks and feels like – a standard that has been accepted by consumers because there was no other standard … until now.

“When I started Indy Facets, the goal was and continues to be that we break every jewelry store stereotype,” Goodyear emphasized. “We want the client’s experience to be a fun, interactive and meaningful. Personally, I love being a part of people’s special moments.”

Indy Facets Private Jeweler is also a full-service jeweler with state-of-the-art design, repair and gemological facilities. They have the most innovative, technologically advanced jewelry design software available in the jewelry industry.

“We fully embrace modern technology, computer/CAD software and 3D printing,” Goodyear explained. “Because of this technology, we can work at a higher level of quality, and in most cases, our creations are 30 percent less than if someone was to pick something out of the showcase. We make each piece with a little more love and care put into it versus a piece that was mass-produced.”

Everyone appreciates being unique, and owning a piece of custom-designed jewelry is not only affordable but is not as daunting of an experience as one might presume.

“One of the coolest things that we do is our custom design experience,” Goodyear shared. “It’s hard to pick out jewelry for other people. You may have an idea of what they like, but giving the opportunity for an interactive experience that allows the individual to have input in the design aspect and receive exactly what he or she wants is not only fun; it is meaningful.”

Indy Facets Private Jewelers:The process is simple. No matter the occasion, Goodyear and his team make the most out of it and take the fear completely out of the situation. “We work in any denomination,” he added. “When a gift buyer comes in and pre-pays for a custom design session, we set the budget and schedule an appointment a week or two later for the recipient to come in and begin the design process. We give the buyer a wooden box with a random 3D model in it, so when the recipient opens it, they are surprised and a little confused. This prompts the buyer to explain that he or she has the opportunity to come see us and design the piece that he or she has always dreamed of making.”

For the last-minute shoppers, Indy Facets Private Jeweler also keeps a selection of unique in-stock pieces, created or curated by Goodyear with a variety of price options.

“We have a little bit of something for everybody,” Goodyear stated. “We also keep up on the latest trends, and it has been suggested that this year’s Pantone color is going to be coral-colored stones. We love color and have mountains of colored stones to choose from.”

When it comes to engagement rings, Goodyear emphasized that buyers should look at more classic and timeless designs as trends come and go.

“It’s a ring that you’re going to have forever,” he said. “Keep it simple, classic and timeless.”

If you are considering a custom design experience with Indy Facets Private Jeweler and giving the one that you love a truly unique and memorable gift on Valentine’s Day, Goodyear recommends making your appointment as soon as possible. The standard timeframe for a custom piece is approximately four to five weeks. For all other jewelry services, appointments are recommended to ensure the impeccable personal service that clients of Indy Facets Private Jeweler are accustomed to.

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