Indy Facets: Everyone’s Private Jeweler

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December 2018


Writer // Ann Craig-Cinnamon            Photography // Laura Arick

Indy Facets: Everyone’s Private JewelerEveryone has their own personal style, whether it’s how you dress, how you decorate your home or what kind of jewelry you wear. But in the mass-produced world we live in, it can be difficult, not to mention cost-prohibitive, to have something custom made just for you.

That is no longer true for fine jewelry, thanks to a unique concept created by Shaun Goodyear, an Indianapolis native that has been in the jewelry business for 20 years and holds degrees in gemology, jewelry design and jewelry manufacturing from the Gemological Institute of America.

Goodyear founded his company, Indy Facets, three-and-a-half years ago with the goal of breaking every stereotype associated with a typical fine jewelry store. “We try to put special back into the jewelry buying experience because it’s become so commercial. Even for big independent jewelers, everything is bought in bulk and is mass-produced, and nothing is special anymore,” says Goodyear. He says the jewelry industry has become impersonal, competitive and high pressure.

“We have a totally different, unique concept that other jewelers don’t have. No showcases, all done by private appointment, all one-on-one,” says Goodyear. And, indeed, the laidback comfortable feel of his office is very different from the often intimidating retail jewelry store that has showcases full of already-made jewelry and salespeople that follow you around.

Rather than picking a piece of jewelry that lots of people have tried on, Indy Facets creates one-of-a-kind pieces and usually for less. “Typically, we can do an engagement ring that is custom, one-of-a-kind, mounted for 30 to 40% less than something you buy in a showroom. And with higher quality and a better experience,” says Goodyear, who adds that they can work with most any budget.

He says that the same piece of jewelry can be made in several different ways and end up in different price ranges. Goodyear says you can get the same ring “look” for $1,000 or $10,000, depending on what goes into the piece of jewelry, such as the size and quality of diamonds and gold. When jewelry is being custom made, those factors can be controlled. “So, what I strive for is to say, ‘This is the style you’re looking for. Where do you want it to be? What’s comfortable for you?’ Then we work to tweak the design to fit the customer’s budget. There’s never any pressure. It’s very low-key. It’s all laidback,” he says.

Indy Facets: Everyone’s Private JewelerThe process is very simple. Clients schedule a private appointment and can bring pictures of what they have envisioned or can use the hundreds of sample pieces that Indy Facets offers for inspirational purposes only. Clients will then meet with Goodyear or another staff designer who, using Computer Aided Design (CAD), will create a 3D photo rendering and a 3D printed ring made of resin that can be tried on. Goodyear says the client will then know what their ring or other piece of jewelry will look and feel like there are no surprises. The creation of the photo rendering and 3D ring is part of the design process and is complimentary.

Once the client is happy with the design, the one-of-a-kind piece is then created using Indy Facets’ state-of-the-art jewelry design equipment. The final step is the unveiling of the custom creation, which is Goodyear’s favorite part. “It’s always better than people are expecting,” he says.

With Christmas right around the corner, Indy Facets has created a great way to give a custom piece of jewelry without the risk of creating something that the recipient doesn’t like by allowing them to be involved in the process. It’s called the Custom Design Gift Experience and entails the gift giver setting a budget, making a private design appointment and putting down a deposit. Indy Facets will then provide a ring box with a 3D printed model that can be presented as a gift.

Goodyear says the gift is much more than the jewelry itself. It is the gift of imagination as the recipient will then be able to design and create whatever they want. “Gift cards are impersonal, so we create an experience around it,” he says.

Goodyear says jewelry is a very personal thing and can be emotional. “Jewelry represents some of the most significant moments in your life. You buy fine jewelry because you are celebrating something, whether it’s a new engagement, a birthday, an anniversary or a successful milestone in your career. Every time you wear that piece of jewelry, you have a thought about the moment you acquired it and what it represents. And we want the experience of getting that piece to be special too.”

Indy Facets offers many other services, such as resetting and restoring older jewelry; repair services like sizing, refinishing, soldering, setting and restringing; watch repair and battery replacement; and appraisals.

Indy Facets is located at 755 W. Carmel Dr., Suite 116, in Carmel. Call 317-810-1665 or visit to schedule an appointment or get more information.