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November 2018


Indy Eye PhysiciansDr. Michael Wild and Dr. Shaun Swindler, both ophthalmologists (commonly known as eye surgeons), have recently expanded their practice by opening the Westfield office of Indy Eye Physicians. The new office is located at 322 W. Main St. in Westfield. The office is conveniently located next to Riverview Health’s recently opened Westfield Hospital where the doctors will be performing most of the surgical procedures. Both Dr. Wild and Dr. Swindler have been serving many Westfield and Carmel patients for years from their office in Kokomo.

Dr. Wild is board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology with a special interest in cataract and laser vision correction surgery. He has an undergraduate degree from Purdue University and his medical degree from Indiana University. He is also an avid pilot who is qualified to be an instructor in aviation acrobatics.

Dr. Swindler grew up on the north side of Indy and is a North Central High School grad. He received his undergraduate degree from Indiana University and also completed his residency in Ophthalmology from Indiana University. He lives in Westfield.

Indy Eye Physicians provides the typical services offered by ophthalmologists for patients with glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and diabetes. They also provide corrective LASIK surgery.

Recently, we asked Dr. Wild and Dr. Swindler to comment on what is new in  the world of ophthalmology and some of the exciting procedures they will be offering in the Westfield office. “LASIK has come a long way,” Dr. Wild says. “LASIK has gotten to the point where the patients can have the procedure and get back to work with very little down time.

Dr. Wild indicated that there there have been significant advancements in cataract surgery. In fact, a patient having cataract surgery, typically has a very short recovery period.

Many of you might remember the days when cataract surgery meant that after the surgery, you would be forced to wear those horribly unattractive, thick “Coke bottle” glasses for the remainder of your life. Then there was a period where the lens being implanted was a single power lens that was limited in the type of correction that could be achieved. Either way, you could see far away or up close but not both.

Dr. Wild noted that with the new techniques in cataract surgery and a new type of lens called Multifocal, he can offer his patients the ability to replace the natural eye lens with an artificial one that will significantly improve both far and near vision. Amazingly some patients in their 50s or older are having a clear lens exchange to reduce their dependency upon glasses.

In this minimally invasive procedure, the ophthalmologist simply removes the patients existing lens and exchanges it with a lens that offers the patients corrected vision, often without glasses or contacts. Because of the results they can achieve, patients are now having this as an elective surgery before suffering from significant cataracts.

For suffers of an eye condition known as “floaters,” Dr. Swindler announced that just recently, a relatively simple in-office laser procedure is now available for patients that suffer from this condition. If you have floaters in your eyes, you know what an annoying problem this can be.

For those that aren’t familiar, a floater is a gelatinous mass that develops in the eye and floats around, preventing the light from coming straight through the eye. As a result, people who have floaters will have a dark spot partially interrupting the vision in that eye that “floats” from one area of the eye to another. Until recently, the only surgical procedure was invasive and was only used in extreme cases. As someone who has suffered from floaters for years, this was wonderful news.

For anyone who suffers from floaters, needs LASIK correction or thinks they might be a candidate for a Clear Lens Exchange procedure, call Indy Eye Physicians immediately and let Dr. Wild or Dr. Swindler see if they can correct the eye condition you may have

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