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Dr. Jack Overman, Dr. Mark Sutor and Dr. Anand Patel

Writer / Janelle Morrison

Drs. Jack Overman, Mark Sutor and Anand Patel are periodontists and dental implantologists who offer treatments of periodontal disease and dental implant placement in the Carmel and Bloomington areas.

This dynamic trio have combined their expertise and knowledge of proven techniques, cutting edge technology, and a genuine passion to create a practice where the patients experience a high-level of personalized care. They wanted to create an “everyone is family” environment.

Their highly-specialized practice is well regarded by area dental professionals and receive the majority of their patients by referring dentists or from existing patients.

Dr. Jack, an Indiana University graduate, has been featured in Indianapolis Monthly Magazine’s Top Dentists. He spoke about what their patients can expect throughout the duration of his or her treatment.

“The concept of our practice has always been to create an environment where our patients feel that they are involved in the co-diagnosis,” he said. “If the patient is comfortable, we are all on a first-name basis and we flatten the hierarchy between the doctor and the patients which ultimately increases the communication.”

A close friend and colleague of Dr. Jack’s is Dr. Mark Sutor. Dr. Mark, along with his colleagues, are involved with the clinical and lecturing education of dental professionals, discussion panels, study clubs and dental hygiene seminars. Dr. Mark is a graduate of Baylor College and is the founder and president of Hoosiers For Dental Excellence, a local dental study club which meets monthly to discuss current topics in dentistry.

Dr. Mark explained that the three doctors share a common goal to have their workshops and seminars be recognized as an educational resource for area dentists and hygienists. He emphasized that as their firm grows, the priority is to maintain the exceptional quality of care that their patients expect while striving to be the best in their field.

“We want our patients to feel that they are not just a number but that they have personal attention to their care,” Dr. Mark said. “In our practice, that personal attention begins from the time that they make a phone call to the time that they come into our office. Our entire staff is trained to make sure that the patients feel comfortable, to decrease their anxiety and to show them that we care. When they see how great modern dentistry has become, they realize that it doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience. It is our desire for our patients to see how much we strive to build meaningful relationships with them.”

The newest addition to the practice is Dr. Anand Patel. Dr. Anand graduated from IU magna cum laude, among the top of his class and was awarded the Indiana Society of Periodontists Award. He spoke about the unique dynamic of having three doctors within a practice, representing three age demographics.

“It is rare to find in our field of dentistry three doctors of three different age groups,” Dr. Anand said. “We each work to earn our patient’s trust and while one person may feel more comfortable working with Dr. Jack because of his tenure, another may want to work with me to discuss the modern technology of implantology. This is part of what makes our practice unique because we do have the three doctors representing a wide range of an age demographic. Jack and Mark have spent decades building relationships with patients and dental professionals and I’d like to build upon that.”

For Dr. Jack Overman and Dr. Anand Patel, contact the Indianapolis office, and contact the Bloomington office for Dr. Mark Sutor. To learn more about their treatments and services available, visit