In Her Own Words: Emily Good Speaks on Being CHS Football’s First Female Director of Operations

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July 2021

Earlier this year, the Carmel High School (CHS) Football program welcomed Emily Good to its program as the director of operations. Good is going into her 19th year as a teacher within the physical education department at CHS and was the head coach for the CHS Softball team from 2004–17. She was also a former coordinator for the ICGSA All-Star games held at Carmel’s Cherry Tree Softball Complex. Good stepped into her new role with the Greyhounds Football program earlier this year and is gearing up for a fantastic and hopeful season along with head coach John Hebert and the rest of his staff.

Emily Good CHS Football

An Impressive Tenure as Head Coach

Prior to coming to Carmel, Good was an assistant coach at Indiana State and was an assistant at Terre Haute South.

Before moving up to the head coach position, Good began her career at CHS as the freshman coach with the softball program. During her tenure as head coach, the Greyhounds made it to four sectional championships, won regional titles in 2011 and 2012, a semi-state title in 2011 and the Class 4A championship in 2011, defeating Avon 1-0 in eight innings. Additionally, the Greyhounds won five Metropolitan Conference titles under Good’s leadership.

“I’ve always been passionate about softball and coaching in general, so when I noticed that Carmel had a freshman [coaching] position available, I reached out to Mr. Inskeep with hopes that the position would lead to a teaching position as well,” Good shared. “And a year later [2004], I took over the softball program. So, it was fast and furious once the ball got rolling, so to speak.”

Good’s Coaching Philosophy

Any athletic program can have the best student-athletes on its team, but unless it has equally committed and talented coaching staff, it will never achieve the levels of success that CHS athletic teams have enjoyed over many decades.

“The tradition of excellence is absolutely something that we [coaches and staff] stand by for sure,” Good said. “As coaches, we want to surround ourselves with the best people possible. That’s going to allow our student-athletes to become the best individuals once they leave CHS. We want them to be great in life. The support from the student-athletes themselves, the administration, the community, etc., is what allows us to continue to be successful.”

An Inspiration to All Who Know Her

Throughout Good’s hiatus from working with an athletic program, she continued to teach multiple classes in the physical education department and assisted with a few softball showcases. She continues to offer hitting lessons based on her availability.

Though coach Hebert had approached Good a few years ago about the possibility of her joining the Greyhound Football program, it was not until this last December that Good discussed it again with Hebert and decided the timing was exactly right.

“Given the circumstances related to COVID-19, coach Hebert and I really didn’t know how this season was going to play out when we spoke last December,” Good stated. “I think we’re going in the right direction—fingers crossed—and after about an hour and a half of having a great conversation with [Hebert] in terms of the role he saw me in, it was an easy ‘yes’ for me.”

Good continued, “He’s a great leader, and as an educator/coach, I continually want to get better, so it goes back to surrounding yourself with people that are going to allow you to be the best version of yourself. I’m a better person because I’m surrounded by these types of people.”

As director of operations for the football program, Good manages, oversees and reviews with the intent to improve the programs day-to-day operations.

Emily Good CHS Football

“I’m finding out every day quite a bit more about what [Emily’s] bringing to the table,” coach Hebert said. “I knew it would be hard to measure because she is such a dynamic person, and she has a wealth of experience in running successful programs. I’ve always admired her professionalism.”

Hebert saw the similarities in how he and Good ran their respective programs over the years and recognized that she would be a valuable member to the Greyhound Football program.

“What I’ve noticed is everything around our facilities, locker room, equipment room, etc., looks suddenly better,” Hebert expressed. “That is just one example of her determination to improve things around her, and she always talks about leaving things better than you found it. She probably utters that phrase multiple times a day, and she is inspiring to everyone around her. I am already leaning on her for great advice and guidance. Emily’s opinion is really valuable.”

We would like to wish the coaches, staff and student-athletes a much-deserved safe and successful season! Go Hounds!