HCR ManorCare: Decades of Valuable Chamber Experience

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Writer / Janelle Morrison
Photographer  /  JJ Kaplan

The HCR ManorCare and Summer Trace Retirement Community has been providing individualized post-hospital skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services at its Carmel location for nearly 30 years. They have also been active members in the local Carmel Chamber of Commerce, now OneZone, for 31 years. They were members before they even opened their doors to their first rehabilitation patients and long-term care residents.

OneZone-HCR-1 copyExecutive Director Scott Keefer joined HCR ManorCare in 2008 as the Administrator of Summer Trace. In March 2010, he transferred to ManorCare Health Services of West Des Moines, Iowa, where he led the facility in a total restructure of operations. Keefer returned to Indiana and was appointed to his current position in October 2012.

Keefer spoke about what kind of value being a Chamber member, especially for over three decades, brings to his business and how any company, large or small, could benefit from a Chamber membership in their local city or town.

“I believe that the Chamber of Commerce, now OneZone, has incredible value when a new person or business moves to a town,” Keefer stated. “If they are already familiar with what a Chamber of Commerce is and does, it’s one of the first places that they go and immediately join. It is important to me and to our company to be a part of the local Chamber.

“We strongly believe that it is important not just to our company but also to the community in that people can look for a multitude of resources when needed and especially if they’re not familiar with particular businesses in a specific category. Being a member of OneZone is something that we will always be a part of and will continue to advocate to any future directors and members of our staff beyond myself.”

Keefer talked about the benefit of being an exhibitor at OneZone’s key business expos, the Business Expo and Food FORUM and Taste of the Chamber Business Expo.

“These events are great opportunities for businesses to network and get to know other business leaders as well as for them to get to know us and what we provide,” Keefer explained. “We are a referral-based business, and we work with people who are in the financial, legal and estate planning industries as they may have clients who will need our services either now or in the future.”

In turn, Keefer said that they refer their clients to the appropriate professionals when they arrive at his facility with their affairs not entirely in order. With the recent merger of the Carmel and Fishers chambers as OneZone, Keefer feels that the combined membership has more than doubled their potential footprint.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 2.01.42 PM“We have even more exposure to businesses, professionals and business leaders within the OneZone network, and that will hopefully lead to growing our business even more,” Keefer concluded. “Being able to network with our fellow members and describe what our business is and how we can help each other out is very valuable.”

For more information on the HCR ManorCare and Summer Trace Retirement Community, visit heartland-manorcare.com, and for more information about OneZone, visit onezonecommerce.com.