Groceries for Good

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May 2018


Green Bean carves a unique direction for online grocery shoppinga personalized food subscription for socially-conscious people.

Since 2007, the family-owned Green Bean has provided home-delivered organic produce and natural groceries with an emphasis on locally-sourced foods. Its mission has stayed the same since day one: Build food systems that make it easy for people to support local farmers, artisans and food communities. With over 10 years serving communities, Green Bean continues to refine its revolutionary service to align with its mission.

It’s a compelling alternative to your weekly grocery store trips: Have your weekly kitchen staples home-delivered on a schedule from a store with amazing food. Busy families, new parents, discerning foodies, people with limited access to healthy food and small business supporters will appreciate the benefits of choosing to shop with Green Bean.

Members create a personalized “GreenList” of items from the store to receive in regular orders. These recurring orders can be edited or canceled each week, and there are no commitments.

Some members shop for all of their groceries with Green Bean for maximum convenience and quality. Others simply use Green Bean to stock up on their essential items, making trips to the store less frequent.

Values are central to the Green Bean store – all items (and their ingredients) adhere to a “Clean Store Promise.” You’ll find some of the best organic and local produce, farm-fresh dairy, humanely-raised meat, sustainable seafood and unique artisan foods available with no artificial ingredients.

Where does “Groceries for Good” come in? For each order made, Green Bean donates a meal to a local food rescue. To date, Green Bean has donated over 1.1 million pounds of fresh produce to food banks, helping members to directly address food insecurity in their communities. Local food purchases directly support the makers and growers, leading to a more robust local food economy.

Interested in joining the Green Bean food community?

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