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April 2019

Writer // Neil Lucas

Fifteen years ago, Catherine and Royce Simpkins launched Greenlawn by Design out of their garage. It’s not surprising that they would end up starting a business together in light of the fact that they have known each other since the third grade. They grew up together in a small rural community in northern Indiana and share similar values. It’s those values that they have incorporated into GreenLawn by Design to make it
successful as they work hard to win the loyalty of their clients.

Since opening their business, they have grown closer as spouses and individually as professionals. Royce works in the field, performing on-site estimates and services. He treats every customer with the same courtesy, friendliness, professionalism and respect. He prides himself on his industry knowledge and fairness. As a husband, father, and career veteran, Royce operates his company to be one of great virtue and integrity. This translates into an absolutely unforgettable experience for their clients and has earned them the coveted Super Service Award for the 4th year in a row in lawn
fertilization and landscaping.

Catherine works in the office and has a blog that informs clients of any insects or diseases that have become prevalent in the area and gives tips for maintaining a beautiful lawn. Daughter Stefanie is the customer’s first contact. She does it all: from entering customer information into the system, to scheduling and billing.

Their love for people and great pride in their work shines through in every service. From the initial free estimate, to the familiar, friendly faces that approach your property with the utmost enthusiasm and care, GreenLawn by Design will strive to deliver a professional and courteous client experience. That’s what makes them different!

They rarely have one-time customers: they always come back. Their loyalty is a strong indicator for Royce and Catherine that they are doing something right. Their customers know they will take care of them, do the job right, and always guarantee their satisfaction. It’s what they’re known for. It’s the discipline that comes with being a veteran-owned business and is evident in both the way they treat their clients and the diligence displayed in their work.

Have a project in mind? GreenLawn by Design is here to educate and help you complete your vision for your outdoor space. Whether that is customizing a lawn care program or creating a relaxing paradise – they maintain and create landscapes that fit your vision and lifestyle. So you can relax, and start enjoying your weekends.

Reach out today and get your oasis built!

GreenLawn By Design:
GreenLawn By Design

GreenLawn by Design guarantees their services and stands behind the work they do. They promise to you that they WILL; give the attention to detail your project deserves, always show respect to you and your family, produce clean efficient work, and place the needs of your yard first. It may be your yard, but it’s GreenLawn by Design’s mission!


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